TCC Victorious at Hillingdon…Again!


It is a great season to be Jolly, especially if you are racing for Twickenham!

We are seeing great turnouts each week at Hillingdon for the winter series and, with consistency come great results.

Today was no exception and in the 4th category race our lineup was Alex T, James Macarthy, Ben Volller, Mat Collins, Elwyn and I. There was a howling wind into the finishing straight to make things interesting and a track whose surface was wet but drying to give confidence.

Starting field was about 65 riders and with 50 minutes of racing ahead, it took off pretty easily, the wind on the long straight slowing things right down each time. Alex was, as last time, ever watchful and stayed top 10 the whole time, James, who has been away for a while (I think he has a day job or something) was busy making sure he did not get boxed in and it seemed to be going well. I stayed near Alex and watched a few things go off but nothing important and it all came back pretty fast.

Around lap 5 Alex was out with a flat but swapped a wheel and was back in a lap later. At lap 10 with nothing staying gone more than a few minutes, Alex made a strong move into the wind on the straight and quickly opened a big gap, he was quickly followed by a Dynamo guy. I was about 10 back and when it looked like it might stick, James and I got to the front of the chase and slowed it as much as we could. This worked well for a while, but it is hard work 🙁  Two other riders got clear to join this break and soon the four of them had about 30 seconds on the field for several laps before being brought back. This was really good to see and shows how much this field has matured in the last few weeks.

The final few laps were marked by James moving up to stay near Alex and this paid off with Alex out-sprinting the bunch and taking first place, James somewhere around 7th, results to be confirmed. Alex has made it out to almost every race and just jumped right in wherever he can. The payoff makes it all worthwhile and the experience has him well prepped for the move to the 3rd category field next week.

Congratulations Alex and James for a great race and very strong finish.

Ben and I finished somewhere in the field while young Mat made it through 5 laps this time (up from 2 last time) so he is getting the hang of this and will soon be winning races. Elwyn flatted out early and had no wheel. Next time.

This is our second Cat 4 win at Hillingdon in a month and so our newly minted Cat 3 field is slowly growing in readiness for a bold and victorious year of TCC racing in 2013.

The Winter series is going on until February so, if you have some good riding experience and want to try racing, this is a great way to start.

Go TCC !!!

Michael Joseph
"In Velo, Veritas"

Youth update & mtb sessions

Youth turbo session as usual tomorrow night but this week our budding coach-to-be Sean is taking it…

If people are keen we’ll run a mountain bike session or 2 at Swinley Forest.

Let me know what dates work for you all:

  • Sunday 30th December
  • 19th/20th January
  • 2nd/3rd February

We might be able to mix it up with a BMX session at Hayes Hawkes too 🙂

See you tomorrow,


South of England Cyclocross Championships at Basingstoke

Well done all those who entered the various races at basingstoke today. Great performances all round in a tough field, including eventual winner Steve Harris, national Under 23 Champion.

Richard Collins, Martin Winter (V40+), Duncan Schwier (V50+), Mike Miach and George Kirkin all rode in their respective categories.

Great course. very long and varied, which sapped the legs, and made for tight racing.

Results still to be posted, but I think we all were pleased with our performances in a very tough field, with top riders from Central, Wessex and Southern Leagues. Great support from Mac, and from each other when either waiting to race or after having finished. You can see Martin applauding the winner in this picture. 

Bit of video of the Senior race here:

South of England CX

TCC host the next Central League race at Hillingdon this sunday, so if you want to give it a go, come down and try it, or just watch and see if you fancy it for next year. Its brilliant, and will get you fit!

Le Dunc


Youth Turbo Session Guide

Youth Turbo Session Guide

This is your session so its great to see you all taking a turn at running it.  Some of you have introduced music – the club room seems quiet without it now!

You’ve all gone away and planned a session with timed warm up & cool down etc.

So I’m sure you know all this already but just to clarify & give you a few pointers here’s a couple of things to remember when planning your turbo session:

  1. Position yourself somewhere that everyone can see & hear you
  2. Include a warm up – generally a good idea to spin your legs easily for 5mins say, then start building for another 5mins.
  3. Talk about good technique – so you could open up a discussion on best pedalling technique for example.  Then see what everyone has to say about it & get people to think about this during the session
  4. If you’re doing a TT effort, think about pacing, position on bike etc – you could talk about the best aerodynamic position & why this is important
  5. Think about the type of terrain that you’re trying to train for & tailor the session to it – for example if the club hill champs are coming up you might want to practice hard efforts for 4mins+
  6. Best not to do too many hard out of the seat efforts as you’re likely to fall over & may break a turbo
  7. Include a cool down – say 5-10mins gradually reducing speed and intensity.
  8. Discuss why a cool down is important
  9. Aim to complete cool down by 6:15pm so that you have time for Mac’s World Class Cool down & to pack away
  10. Mac’s World Class Cool down – you all know how to do this but if you’re not sure, just ask someone else to take it
  11. Pack away by 6:30pm – as leader its your responsibility to make sure everyone has returned skewers

Whatever you do, keep it structured, make it fun & try to hold everyone’s attention!!


Herne Hill Holiday Club…

Anyone looking to get involved at Herne Hill Velodrome’s holiday club and aged 8-16?

This will be run on 26th & 27th December for track & mountain bike sessions.

See here for more details & to book.


Imperial Winter Series #1: Race report

Twickenham had a great turnout for the first of the 2012 Imperial winter series today in a Cat 4 field that numbered 80 riders with many more unable to enter. Talk about a burgeoning sport for the times.

Our crew in the 4’s was Alex Tinsley, Stephen Rush, Kevin Jones, Daniel Goldsmith, Darren Austin, Mat Collins and I.

Such a huge field of 4’s combined with a reversed or counter-clockwise race, something that in the past seemed to lead to mishap, raised some concern of crashes but there was only one I was aware of and it was at the back, some way from the sharp end of things.

This leads me to point out that; from the gun, Alex T positioned himself perfectly about 10 men back and covered all the breaks with little additional help. It took me a lap to get up to him and, expecting the race would quickly split up we agreed, as he is the stronger rider, he should go with anything that went and I would try to cover him.

He almost got away but we were short a few more strong men up front to help him and it was short lived.

Meantime, our own Rushmore (Stephen R), despite warning us he was on bad form all week, spent at least 80% of his energy going to the front and burying himself to stretch out the field and keep the pace as high as possible. This also kept the race safe, minimizing the bunching more usual with 80 riders out there. Terrific job Stephen, it was heroic and inspiring and exactly what was needed.

Kevin Jones made a few surges towards the front despite being run onto the grass when his wheel was clipped. We may have lost one or two of our novices as we went but that is nothing that a few hard interval sessions on the turbo cannot fix, right Mac?.

Big Kudos to Mat Collins and also to Daniel Goldsmith in their first race ever.

The finish was a hectic bunch sprint and I think Alex probably made 15th, best placed of us all. Well done Alex, next week you get a top 10 or better.

Overall pace as I recorded it was 24.8 as opposed to my last outing there in a 4 race when it was 25. We can certainly do more to raise the tempo next week.

I did not see the outcome of the 3’s race were George K, Alex T and Iain P were competing but it looked darned fast.

Michael Joseph