Advanced Youth ride tonight

Road bike training session tonight:

As you know by now there’s a bi-monthly ride for fast youth/junior club riders.

This usually heads into Richmond Park for a road or night-mtb session.  If you’re keen to head out for a ride, whatever the weather I’ll be at the club ready to go a 7pm.

Bring decent lights as the park is really dark, helmet etc as usual.  If its chucking it down & you’d prefer to turbo that’s fine too!


Kingston Wheelers 14m TT – 24th February

24th Feb – 14mile Open TT organised by local club Kingston Wheelers 

To be run in Ripley on course GS/292A – Hungry Hill Lane/East Clandon/West Horsley/Hungrey Hill Lane

Click here to enter

This is an open event which means anyone can join in.

Youth riders are also encouraged to join in.

Closing date for entry is 12th Feb.



Youth coaching incentive…

The youth session will be on this week as usual but I’ll understand if you can’t make it over in the ice.

Either way I’m looking for young volunteers to run a series of 3 turbo sessions at the club with the best 4 people earning themselves a free bike pump worth £20!

Your sessions should include the following:

  • Be well structured to include a warm up and cool down
  • Include coaching tips on technique
  • Be varied – ask me if you need extra equipment
  • Should be fun and engage everyone
  • ‘Outside the box’ thinking

If you have some ideas & want to write them down I’ll give you some help & advice on how to plan & run your sessions.

The best 4 young coaches (as voted for by other riders) will win a hand held bike pump worth £20!


TCC Rider trains with Team Sky

From Alex Jones, January 19, 2013, U14 rider TCC Youth member.  Does it get any better.  Mac

On Saturday 12th Jan I found myself at the Team Sky hotel in Alcudia, Majorca, where the team are training.  I was hoping I would get the chance to meet a couple of riders and coaches and then maybe get a photo/autograph opportunity before watching the riders go on their way. 

I had met both Sir Bradley Wiggins and Sir Dave Brailsford on my arrival the night before and didn’t think things could get any better.  However, the Sky Operations Director had heard that I am attending the Olympic Talent Development programme and I couldn’t believe it when she took me into a room and started handing me the new Sky Pro kit to put on and invited me to join the team on a 2 hour recovery ride. 

I was lent an identical bike to theirs and Mario, the ‘Soigner’ made sure I had Team Sky water bottles and chef’s famous rice cakes for re-fuelling. The team car was loaded up with kit and spare bikes and we set off. I took turns riding next to Jonathan Tiernan-Locke, Ben Swift and others and  led the ride when it was my turn to go to the front.  I kept with the team for the whole ride, especially enjoying our stop off at a cafe overlooking the bay.

After arriving back at the hotel I was ready to go again and so after lunch I was generously offered the bike (a super-light Pinarello Dogma) for the rest of the afternoon to explore the area and do another of the training routes the team use – it was fantastic. 

But the weekend was about to get even better – Shane Sutton told me that he would like to take me out the next day on a ride – I was very surprised. That evening I joined the team in dining room, eating food especially prepared by the team chef who travels with them to ensure they have a nutritionally balanced diet.  The food was delicious and healthy and everyone was great.

The next morning couldn’t come quickly enough and I set out with Shane and team members  towards Mount Lluc.  Shane coached and chatted to me for the first hour and a half then I moved up to attempt the final ride to the summit with the team, a category 2 climb. 

I was determined to keep up with the riders and with some powerful encouragement near the top, managed to stay with them all the way.  I had to use every bit of my strength and determination to get through the pain of the lactic acid build up but there was no way I was going to get dropped!  The sense of achievement climbing at 30kph at that gradient and distance was incredible. 

At the end of the ride, when I thought that things could not possibly get any more amazing, Shane gave me some extremely good feedback about my cycling and offered  to mentor me before events and races. He has kept his word and since then he has been in touch by email and given me his phone numbers.  I learned a huge amount watching how everything is done at a Team Sky/Team GB training camp and came away even more inspired and with more commitment than ever to be the best I can be.

Alex Jones

With Brad                                                                                        With Brad







Getting ready to set off

 Setting off with Team Sky

 I am on the right with the black and white helmetRiding with Team Sky        







At the front

Riding with Team Sky - at the front

 Training with Shane

Training with Shane 



Imperial Winter Series: Jan 12 – Event 8

Alex T reports:

Despite temperatures dropping, TCC made a good turnout in the Imperial Winter Series at Hillingdon on Saturday with riders in each race. Some nice flash photography by one of the event organisers is here –

In the third cat race was myself, Alex Toghill, Graham Crow, Graeme York and James Blackburn in a field of around 30. As usual we’d be sharing the circuit with the E123 race where George was competing.

Twickenham maintained a strong presence at the front of the field for much of the race, and while there were plenty of attacks, nothing stuck. At one point I looked back to see 50 yards of empty tarmac between myself and the group, decided to give it a go (for fun?) and stayed clear for a couple of laps, but that move was doomed to fail before it started

Things started to get hairy in the last few laps, with lots of contact. One rider who had been causing issues for the whole race nearly took me down as he rode through my front wheel half a lap before the end, and then went on to crash in the final 100m of the bunch sprint leaving 4-6 riders on the floor or in the grass. Graeme, Graham and James stayed safe with at least a couple of top 10 finishes between them. I came in around 15th, amazed that I’m still on two wheels after dodging flying bikes and riders.

And for the 4 race (MJ):

Hillingdon racing is always squirrely, even at the best of times and today was a prime example.

For the TCC we had Mike J, Ben V and Elwyn in a field of about 50.

It was very cold but thankfully dry and the racing got off to a slow start. There were a lot of first timers in the field and so, as last week, very little happened up to the Prime which lifted the pace for a while.

Mike and Ben sat about 10 back and kept an eye on things while Elwyn kept his powder dry further back.

A few laps after the Prime a small break of two went but Ben jumped on it and closed the gap with gusto, good job.

Much is usually made of how this field takes the chicanes and so the race commissar had told everyone to follow the road in a more orderly way instead of cutting the corners and closing out people coming through the door.

This direction held for most of the race until the final five. At the left hander after the finish line two Wheelers sandwiched a new rider and all rode for a few moments locked together at high speed until one of them managed to break free but this rippled back and took out two behind.

Two to go and one brave lad jumped and led the field for over a lap but it was too soon and he was swallowed up.

Last half of the final lap and we lost another pair into the bushes on the s bends, the clatter of carbon on concrete separating the field leaving Elwyn (who had carefully moved up) clear but catching Ben in the back half. The race to the line saw Mike and Elwyn take about 15th and Ben come in a good bit back. A Dynamo won the race.

All riders safe, some a little dismayed. Ready for the next one though.

Advanced youth – Mtb night ride!

Advanced youth training ride is back on tomorrow night – the first this year & I’ve been looking forward to it for ages!

This week we’ll be out for a mountain bike ride, setting off at 6:30pm – back around 7:30 – 8pm.

We’ll ride out the back roads & towpath into Richmond Park and aim for a circuit.

Please bring the best front lights you have & lots of them.  Borrow some if you have to – the more you can put on the front of your bike the more fun you’ll have!  Obviously bring back lights & a helmet too.  Parents more than welcome!

Any questions, give me a shout.


Youth Club on as usual

Big thanks to Simon for taking last week’s turbo session.

This week by popular demand, its Greg’s turn… which means there’s likely to be music – brilliant!

See you all at the usual time 5:15pm for a 5:30pm start.


January Ladies Ride


The next Girl’s Ride is on Sunday 27 January. More details closer to the time



Youth Night is back this week!

Happy New Year to everyone!

You’ll be pleased to know that youth training sessions are back on this week.  Simon’s offered to take the first session & Jonathan might pop in to talk about building some more polo bikes!

The first ‘Fast Youth ride’ is on the following week and every other Tuesday from then.  This tends to include 1-2 fast laps of Richmond Park in complete darkness (watching out for deer etc) with a few sprint points & possibly the odd steep hill to make things interesting.

See you all then,


SR News

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December 2013 Rumble date set for March 9th 2014