Well what a weekend! Round 7 of the Central League at Bedford.

As the gales blew and the rain lashed on Saturday night, a few hardy souls from TCC were probably all creeping downstairs and checking tyre pressure and tread, fearful of what the Sunday morning would bring.

Mac, Penny and Duncan Schwier, Stephen Campbell, Martin Winter, Mike Miach, Christos and Kay all made it up to Bedford, and were faced with a slightly surreal scene. Where the cyclocross course was meant to run across the flood plain by the river….there was a lake. The remainder of the course was a mud bath. Truly biblical. Most other races that day in other regions were cancelled, but the guys from Bedford had done a fantastic job making a course that was almost rideable!

A couple of warm up laps confirmed the worst. This was going to be a slippery, slidy, technical and very challenging day.

About 80 riders set off at a gallop for the first 50 metres, and then we all hit the first muddy slope of the day, and 80 riders transformed into 80 runners – slithering and crawling up a 10 metre slope. No one rode up it! That opened out into a twisty, heavy track that at times pitched down for 50 metres and up again. You either committed to it and just prayed you kept a straight line, or you perished and slid down on your backside. Some great shots of Christos doing just that. Sorry Christos! It could have been a photo of any one of us.

I think quite a few riders retired either from exhaustion, technical “issues”….some probably just rode into the lake and haven’t re-surfaced yet.

Some great memories of the day. Lots of shouts of encouragement from one TCC rider to another as we crossed on opposing bends or overtook. Great spirit and camaraderie now in the CX team.

One sad thing to report was that Mac had a nasty tumble and has hurt his shoulder. It didn’t stop him trying to help load the trailer later, so hopefully nothing too serious, but it was obviously causing him some pain when I dropped him home later that evening. Best wishes to you Mac if you read this, and you were going well too.

Results for TCC, although subject to revision. Most numbers were obscured by mud so may take a while to get final result:

Duncan 10th (4th Vet)

Mike Miach 22nd

Martin 35th (16th Vet)

Stephen 41st

Kay 44th (2nd Woman)

Mac 66th

Penny 69th (5th Woman)

It’ll be interesting to see the updated League positions after this round.

Kay should be pushing for 2nd spot, and similarly I might be overtaking Sam from Hemel Hempstead and Chris from Milton Keynes for 2nd in the Vets.  Martin is back now and others starting to get the hang of controlling a CX bike in what is proving to be  very testing conditions this year, so TCC should be well represented in the final shake down.

We’re all starting to know each other pretty well now, so it’s great fun and you can target your nearest challengers and do whatever is necessary to beat them! Mud and treachery…..

I’ve attached a few pictures, but Central League website has more info and links to more pictures:



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