Club Kit

The blue version of the Twickenham kit is the official club kit to be worn at all races held under the auspices of British Cycling. The white continental version of the kit is for use in hot weather but cannot be used for British Cycling races. We encourage all members to train and compete in the blue kit to help promote the club.

Orders will be performed online through our supplier Champion Systems on a quarterly basis. Your online orders will be available to collect from clubroom from 21.00 on the Tuesday following delivery.

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Mens Race and Club Cut Short Sleeve Jersey £40

Mens Bib Shorts £50

Mens Gillet £40

Mens Long Sleeve Techfleece Jacket £64

Lycra Armwarmers £17

Fleece Armwarmers £21

Lycra Legwarmers £22

Fleece Legwarmers £25

Overshoes £15

TCC Caps £8


Women’s Race and Club Cut Short Sleeve Jersey £40

Women’s Bib Shorts £50


Racing Kit: Continental Kit:

There are advantages and disadvantages of white kit:

Advantages Disadvantages
  • Reduces absorption of radiated solar energy to keeps you cooler during the blistering heat (hopefully) experienced during Continental Endurance Events.
  • More visible in the dark.
  • Looks great if you have or plan to acquire a tan (in no way should this be considered an endorsement of any form of tanning process, natural or otherwise).
  • May provide less of a barrier to UV radiation than an equivalent darker fabric.
  • Shows the dirt.
  • Becomes almost transparent when wet so that shorts border on the obscene and render the wearer open to derision.

Size Charts

Men’s jerseys are available in “race cut” and “club cut”. see below for a more detailed explanation of each.  Only men’s jerseys are available in “race” and “club” cut. Use the “race cut” measurements for all jackets, vests and skinsuits. See below for further information. All Champion Sport garments are based on standard Champion Sport jerseys and short patterns. Keep in mind that outer layer garments like vests and jackets are designed to be worn over other garments, so when in doubt order a size up. For skinsuits and tri suits, Champion Sport suggest ordering the same size as your short. Note; all leg grippers on shorts are on the tight side. If you are a person with a small rear, we suggest you order medium to have a comfortable fit at the thigh. Remember, for custom orders there are no exchanges with the supplier so please care that you are ordering the size you need.

N.B. Please be aware that the Ladies kit is working out to be quite small so if you are wavering between sizes may we suggest that the larger of the two sizes in question may still prove to be sleek and elegant in appearance. Ladies shorts in particular have leg grippers  which are on the tight side of comfortable whilst the bibs are short in the body so there should be no detriment to comfort by going up a size.

Item Size (Inches) XS S M L XL XXL XXXL
Men’s Race Cut Jerseys Chest 36 38 40 42 44 46 48
Men’s Club Cut Jerseys Chest 38 40 42 44 46 48 51
Women’s Jerseys Chest 30 32 34 36-38 40 42
Youth’s Jerseys Chest 21.5 26.5 28.75 31 33.75
Men’s Bottoms Waist 28 30 32 34 36 38 40
Women’s Bottoms Waist 25 26 27-28 29-30 33 35

For full details of the sizing, please refer to the supplier’s website:

Help!  Am I a Men’s Race cut or Club cut?

Race Cut Club Cut
We designed our race cut jersey based on a European fit. It’s a tailored design worn by only the fittest cyclists who are lean and mean. Think pro riders, elite category 1 and 2 riders and those super-fit skinny guys who love to go up mountains fast.  Just because you’re a racer doesn’t mean you should automatically order the race cut. We know lots of racers who order the club cut. Why? Because although they race almost every weekend, they still have an American build and the tight-fitting Euro race cut just won’t do the job. For everybody else we offer the club cut. Mind you, our club cut is not a baggy potato-sack jersey. It’s still a classic cycling jersey that fits the majority of our customers—even the racers who are not as slim as they might think.


Standard racing kit

Continental style kit