From CX to XC – A Journey to the Dark Side

Coach_Chris : May 22, 2016 7:37 pm : CX, News, Vets, Women

After 3 years of racing Cyclocross, I decided that I had achieved all I could without resorting to training, and decided to (semi) retire myself at the end of last season

I know I couldn’t quite give up on off-roading so after Mark bought me a full suspension mountain bike in November, and I quite obviously really really really enjoyed it, I decided to give MTB racing a go.
None of this Enduro or Downhill nonsense for me, not in my 50th year on this Earth, so Cross Country seemed a perfect choice.
I was pointed towards Southern XC Series, a fairly local (Reading/Newbury way) series of events.
Up I turned at Wasing Park near Reading 2 weeks ago, expecting to stand out like a sore thumb in Lycra. I was wrong, there were hardly any loose shorts in sight! Everyone looked like a road rider.
All the women in all the bewildering range of Categories (about 7 of them!) lined up, with the 2 of us Grand Vets squeezing ourselves in behind everyone else.
All of a sudden a voice says: “Are you causing trouble already, Sol??”
It’s Ian, one of the CX Commisaires, who I know pretty well
Everyone turns and looks at me. Great! Not!
Off we set, along a flat grass bit, and just like in CX racing, there’s a sprint to get to the first corner, to go clear. I mess up my start as usual. It’s taken me 3 seasons to perfect that, and it works again today. My direct rival is well ahead. I try not to panic (as usual) and sit in. Then I get bored, and overtake a few girls. OUCH! The Antelope 3-up legs from the previous day kick in. Ouch, ouch. But I manage to create a gap and get closer to the other Grand Vet, eventually catching and passing her. I like this game of picking off people.
Star of the second lap, and suddenly I hear Go Sol! It’s Mac! Gives me a boost for sure! 100 metres later, and another cheer, from Richard Collins. Can’t even hide in a MTB race in the wilds of Reading!
Then we hit the technical bits. I don’t even look at the A lines, too scary, it’s B line for me every time. Even then I decide to get off a couple of times. A girl is down on the biggest drop. Looks serious. Which does nothing to my confidence. I take the newly created C lone on that bit.
It’s a hot day and I haven’t got a bottle. My hungover soigneur has my  Lucozade somewhere in the woods, but by the time I get to him, he’s asleep! Shout, stop, sip, and onward again!
By 3rd and final lap, I have the course sussed, and I know I am well ahead of Main Rival. Time to relax a bit, and, and stop for drink. Or what’s left of the Lucozade, used for hangover cure.
I catch up a younger Vet, and sit behind her in a mildly threatening manner for the last quarter lap, plotting to pass on the run up to finish, just for the sake of it. But she gets second wind and I can’t get past her on the 3 switchbacks before finish line. Oh well, no matter.
I come across the line to Mac’s cheering. Even the soigneur has woken up and is there to welcome me.
Mac is over the moon with my (Grand Vet Cat) win and warns me that I am a marked woman now, with a target on my back. Oh dear
So I arrive today at my second ever MTB race, sign on and notice there are a whopping 4 Grand Vets entered. I chat to Main Rival from last race. She reckons the other 2 are either really rubbish, or really good. Hmm, let’s find out.
Off we go, slightly uphill, along a long drag. Yup, you guessed it, my trademark messed up start!
I eventually get my act together, and manage to pass people just before singletrack in the woods, where it becomes a lot trickier to pass. Main Rival from last week is behind me but I can see the New Main Rival quite a bit ahead. I can catch her, I think.
The course is completely different from last week, not as technical, and a bit wet from rain in the night. That means a lot of slippery tree roots and general slidyness. I come off  almost as soon as I hit the track. Oops. There are 2 more slight offs.
I go past the 2 younger vets I ride with, on a long gravelly uphill,and go clear. Not that great on long straight drags, those MTBers, I think to myself. Then I pass The New Main Rival.
I am now on my own in the woods, there’s no one in sight at all.  Have I got myself onto a wrong course, I wonder. But I can now relax a tiny bit, so decide to take a drink from a bottle in my back pocket. But putting said bottle back one-handed is tricky and I drop it. Grr, stop, turn back, collect bottle, get back on track. How amateurish of me.
This course has only 2 technical bits, one down and one up. Down the B line is easy, but I mistakenly try to go up the A line, in a completely wrong gear, and have to give up, turn around, and start again, on the B line, still in wrong gear. Something to bear in mind for next lap, I think to myslef.
I come to the finish of penultimate lap, and decide to get rid of the bottle, throwing it at my soigneur (who is awake, not hungover, and compus mentis!) in a true Pro style.
I pass 2 more girls, in the Open Cat I think, feeling rather pleased with myself. By last lap I have the course sussed (now, where have you heard that before?) and manage to navigate all of it, inc the uphill B line perfectly.
I high five the soigneur on the finish straight, and cruise over the line, happy
“Here comes Sol Findley of Twickenham CC” says the MC, “Second place in Grand Vet Women’s”, he says
I go to have a look at the finish computer, and yes, New Main Rival is ahead of me!
But, but, but, I say, passed her on 1st lap, she was miles behind me! That’s not right!
They look at lap times, all present and correct
Then they say, there are 2 Cheltenham ladies in the event, you know. AH!
Still, 2 races, 2 podiums, can’t complain. Plus, I beat all the other girls in younger Vet Cats, so that ok
You live and learn
Happy Riding
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Cyclocross Coaching Sessions – Thursday Evenings

Coach_Chris : October 17, 2015 3:57 pm : CX

2015 Twickenham CC Open CX Coaching Sessions

Open to all cyclo-cross riders and potential cyclo cross riders from any club.

Structured Coaching and intensive workouts

Old Deer Park Richmond Thursdays 19:30 – 21:00.

First session Thursday 8th October  2015 till 10th December except 29th October (Half term)

After Christmas the sessions will continue on 7th, 14th, 21st January 2016

Cost £4 per session (Pay on the day)

Meet Pools in the Park Car Park, TW9 2SF  (Parking is free after 18.30) Walk/ride back alongside the A316 to the coaching area.

Coaching takes place on and around the banking in Old Deer Park using overspill lighting from the A316

You can use a mountain bike if you don’t yet have a cyclo cross bike.

I will try and bring 2 or 3 CX bikes to try on most weeks but please bring your MTB in case I can’t get back to Marlow to collect them.

Any rider under 18 will need to bring a completed parental consent form.  This will cover all the sessions.

For more info contact Graham MacNamee  07786 932887

Or Chris Sellings 07966 302375


Want to give it a try

Come down and try a couple of coached sessions first.

The Central Cyclo Cross League is now up and running with 14 events registered over the winter.

There are races for U10s, U12s, Youth, Novices, V40, V50, Juniors, Women and seniors.

While the parents race there will be U10s and U12s Go-Ride Fun races and coaching at most CXL events.

TCC are affiliated to the League and your points will accumulate over the season for overall rankings.

Information on all fixtures and online entry can be found here:

Enter via the British Cycling Website.


Why Not?

I’d encourage everyone to give CX a go, it definitely improves your fitness as well as confidence and handling skills on a bike.  It will only take one race for you to love it – it’s also a great way to spend wintery Sundays.  There are race reports and pictures from last season’s cross races on the TCC website which will hopefully give you a feel for the types of courses and amount of mud you’ll encounter.

Here’s a little taster video which hopefully helps you understand what it’s all about.


Graham MacNamee
Central Cyclo-Cross League
07786 932887

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September CX Sessions

Coach_Chris : August 2, 2015 9:50 am : CX, News, Youth

Events-CycloCrossWe’re putting on a series of four Cyclocross fitness & skills sessions on Tuesday evenings for to youth & senior riders.

We’re hopeful that British Cycling will be along to support the sessions & lend out CX bikes to those that want to try.

Here’s a few key details:

  • Tuesday evenings in September starting 8th
  • September 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th
  • 6-8pm
  • £3 adult, £1 youth
  • Enter online on the British Cycling website
  • Skills & fitness sessions with races at the end of the night
  • Run on a grass course with sections of forest, steps & plenty of mud guaranteed!
  • Location: Ham Playing Fields, Riverside Drive, Ham, TW10 7RU
  • Map location showing parking & access via toe-path from Richmond or Kingston bridges

Not sure what Cyclocross is all about?

“Skinny tyres, mud, short, sharp off-road races, with hurdles, obstacles and intense action. That’s cyclo-cross, a form of off-road racing that predates mountain biking by decades.”

If you’d like to know more please get in touch.


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3 Peaks Cyclocross Race – 2014

Duncan : September 29, 2014 9:46 am : CX, News, Reports, Vets

Well that was very different! Sol and I drove up to Helwith Bridge near Settle in the Yorkshire Dales on Saturday. Beautiful scenery in the evening sun. Sol looks up at the craggy peak on our left and exclaims “Wow look at that!” That’s Pen Y Ghent I say. We’re riding/climbing up that tomorrow. Silence.

Into the Yorkshire Subterranean Society Bunkhouse and drop our gear and into the pub to carbo-load! Great pint but long wait for food so we share my pasta and chat to other riders and supporters. Bit like “The Slaughtered Lamb” in “An American Werewolf in London” but much friendlier and with its very own transvestite holding court at the end of the bar. We feel right at home!

Lots of cheerful Northern talk of breakdowns and accidents from previous years so sleep could be fitful.
Add to that we’ll be sharing the mixed dormitory with 6 others so could be a noisy night! Misty start forecast so thankfully should be dry. Roll on tomorrow. My first 3 Peaks after a few attempts to get a place. Hope it’s kind to me and Sol!

That was yesterday. It was a noisy night but we did get ‘some’ sleep. Now it’s 10.30 Sunday night and we’re in a breakdown truck on the M6. The trusty Volvo gave up the ghost just after Sandbach Services, so after a very long, hard day we are finally on our way home.

We both completed this really tough race. I finished in 4 hours 19 mins and Sol in 5 hours 40 mins.
It’s a beast. It’s ‘only’ 38 miles but you have to climb, and I mean climb, the 3 peaks of Ingleborough, Whernside and finally Pen Y Ghent. Linked together by a mixture of rolling road and farm tracks it’s draining and demanding on the body and the mind. The descents are fast and terrifying. Loose scree, drainage ditches to bunny hop every 30-40 metres, peat bog, boulders. Accidents are frequent and painful.

We both set off at the back of the field of about 700 riders. As 3 Peak ‘virgins’ we just wanted to get around safely. When the whistle blew the field took off like the clappers to get into good position on the first climb of Simon Fell. There was an early crash with several riders going down but nothing serious and then after 5-6 nervy rolling miles we turned onto the climb. A few hundred metres of rising farm track and then bike straight up on the shoulder and for the next 30 mins we trudged up an ever steepening slope. It’s so ridiculous and surreal. You get into a rhythm and just keep working at getting up and over. You don’t really overtake anyone, you just follow the person in front at a 45 degree angle with their wheel poking in your face. When you think that’s it you see the second peak of Ingleborough and that’s Cold Cotes. At the top of that its a sludgy, peaty plateau across the top and then down, down, down at frantic speed to the valley again. Same again at Whernside. This is more of paved slab kind of staircase that reaches up and up. All the 3 climbs are exhausting and back breaking and the descents just nerve wracking.

Past the Ribbleshead viaduct and masses of crowds and supporters. Great local support and enthusiasm for this community event. Its their race, and they do it proud, with local heroes and fell runners turned cyclists all getting a cheer. Coming off Whernside I’d noticed my tubeless front tyre was losing pressure from constant smashing into boulders and other sharp edges and was nearly flat. I saw someone with a track pump at Ribbleshead and shouted over to him. He instantly jumped to the rescue, delighted to be of help. “You’re the second one today I’ve helped” he proudly told me in a great Yorkshire accent. Faster than a Maclaren F1 pit stop I was back and running again.

Along the roads towards Pen Y Ghent. You ride the stony path for 2 or 3 miles. It’s loose and slippy and gradually steepens till you have to shoulder the bike again for the top mile climb. The riders ahead of you turn round at the top and retrace the same path but in the opposite direction at full speed and seemingly no controlheading straight at you. Shouts of “rider coming” from the supporters and another one flies past you missing you by inches. Its not for the feint hearted! I swore I was going to take it steady and get home alive – no way I was going to risk riding that fast when it came to me descending….yeah! What happens? I get to the shelter on the top, get my transponder chip thing read and then immediately do exactly the same thing. Full speed, skidding, bunny hopping, weaving and winding all the way down to the road. Exhilarating, terrifying, too tired to brake really, just knowing this was the last bit of effort and then the finish. Hands numb from vibration, eyes full of dust, bike rattling and shaking, brakes squealing like a banshee. Brilliant. I’m going up make it. Last few miles on the road and then into the funnel finish to cheers from all the supporters. Thank God it’s over. Back, hands, calves, soles of feet all killing me. Jaw aching from clenching teeth for 4 hours 19 minutes and 29 seconds of the craziest roller coaster of a ride I have ever done. Mike Miach said after he did it last year how tough it is. You can say that again. It’s something else.

Sol came in similarly shocked, punch drunk and exhausted. Nothing a pint didn’t put right and some laughs with other riders and familiar faces from the ‘cross circuit.

Overall winner, for the 11th time was Hope Factory Racing’s Rob Jebb in about 2 hours 59 mins. Astonishing. Second was National Vets cross champ Nick Craig.

We stopped at Lancaster services. I had 10 mins snooze and then Sol appeared with coffee and a box of Kripee Kreme Dougjnuts. Food of champions. And then the battle bus decided enough was enough. So its onto the the Breakdown truck for the Volvo after a few hours wait, but we’re finally on our way home. ETA about 2am

Some weekend!



Simon Fell Ingleborough 3 Peaks

3 ppp_352

coming off Pen Y Ghent


3 Peaks Cyclo Cross








Riders approach the summit of Pen-y-ghent



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Cyclocross – Wessex League Round 1 Newbury

Duncan : September 8, 2014 6:00 pm : CX, News, Reports, Results

Not quite in the class of Clarry, David and Liam’s astonishing efforts on Saturday, but 3 of us pootled off for Round 1 of the Wessex League in Newbury. Central League doesn’t start till early October so a good chance to get some race practice in before then.

‘Mad Dog’ Winter and I were in the Vets race, both 50+ now (nearly typed vest race there….seeing string vests and allotments for a moment!), and Mike ‘Muscles’ Miach was in the Senior race for the more able bodied.

Very tough grassy course with a savagely long, 80m steep climb out the back, fast, hard grassy sections and draining, technical off camber switchbacks. A real tester of a course this early in season.

Its not very often you get a chance to race against the current 50+ World Champion, but thats what happened yesterday. Dave MacMullen from Cotswold Veldrjden was there in his blue jersey with the rainbow stripes. I actually passed him at the end of the second lap…he’d punctured and was running with the bike shouldered to the pits. Needless to say, he got a new bike and promptly passed me shortly after. I did hold his wheel for a lap though, and learned a lot in the process. Namely he is a lots lighter and has way more experience than me. Next time I’ll have him.

I finished about 9th and Mad Dog rolled in 17th claiming that this was not a fair TT course!!
Mike looked good in the Senior race, and came in a creditable 30th in a large field078.JPG



dave macmullen
IMG_5226. He got a good start and held his own, and claimed to feel comfortable at the end for another couple of laps……….that wasn’t how I felt. The hill became more of a mountain on each lap and I almost hoped for a “strategic mechanical” so I could get off.

Bit of video of the stampede at the start of the Senior race here:

Eventual winner Ben Sumner showing how its done:

If you’re interested in trying it out, don’t wait to come and get involved. The season is over in a blink, and once you try it you’ll be hooked.
Good stuff, and we’ll be down in Oxford next Sunday for Round 2. Hopefully it will rain and “there will be mud”.

Le Dunc

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National Cyclocross Championships Derby – race report

Duncan : January 11, 2014 10:52 pm : CX, News

Well, we did it. the Terrible Trio trekked up to Derby for the Nationals and we survived.

A comfortable night at Derby’s finest Premier Inn and then an early start getting to the circuit ready for Sol to sign on for the Ladies race at 9.30, Me in the 50+ at 11.00 and Martin in the 40+ at 2.30. It was a log day.

The rain all week made for predictably muddy, slippery conditions which only became worse as the day wore on. But it was sunny and warm, so great atmosphere all round and some brilliant racing in all the races, especially in the under 16 race where a young lad called Dan Tulett won. He’s won just about everything this season, so watch out for him in the future. Who knows, maybe another Froome or Wiggins. He’s amazing.

Sol lined up for her Ladies Vets race, set off and was immediately right on the pace, holding about 7th place within touch of the leaders. She rode brilliantly, beat her old rival Christina White convincingly, and narrowly lost out to a Wrekin rider for 8th place overall, 5th in the 45+ category. Ab-SOL-utely brilliant, and fully deserved.

I was next up. I set off well in a massive field of about 95 riders, and was in the top 20 on lap one only to have a rider go down in front of me. I ploughed into him and then a Crawley rider behind me landed on my front wheel heavily. There was a crack and then when I got up the wheel turned with a disturbing wobble. I nursed it round for half a lap and then ran as far as the pits. Probably took a minute or two to change the wheel and rejoin the race, but out of contention. No matter, it was great making a bit of progress through the field passing Simon Tottle who’s been the top rider in Central League this season, and closing in on Sam Williamson from Hemel who is second in the League. Just as I had him in sight I mistimed a dismount and nose planted into the biggest, deepest muddy puddle you can imagine. It was one of those days. I rolled round to finish happy as Larry all the same. Covered in mud from head to toe – at least it seemed to amuse the crowd!

Martin was last up. Again, an enormous field of 100+ riders and Martin rode really well. It was really cut up by now meaning that lots of the course had to be run rather than ridden. He was picking up loads of mud, and those who had spare bikes held a definite advantage as pit tactics came into play. A really gutsy and impressive ride from the Mad Dog yet again. Chapeau.

So many good memories from the day. Hysterical laughter from each of us as we finished, and so good to have mates there at the line to welcome you back in or to encourage you to more effort. Fantastic watching the pros ride it, and rubbing shoulders with Helen Wyman or Paul Oldham. Inspiring stuff and a fitting finale to the season.

Well done TCC. All we need now is a club jet washer so that we can wash our bikes (and kit) at the finish! Finally, thanks to Mac for all his enthusiasm and experience, that’s inspired us all to see how far we could go this season. We’re becoming a real force in CX as a club, and it can only get better.


Le Dunc

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Race Report – London League CX at Footscray, Sidcup.

Sol : December 30, 2013 8:13 am : CX, News

martin at Footscray Dunc Footscray Sol Footscrayfootscray CX

Sol, Jo, Duncan and Martin went down to Footscray in SE London today to race in the London League as no Central races now till Jan.
Felt strange to get to the M25 and turn left rather than right, but made a nice change.Last year was a slow, heavy quagmire of a race, made more difficult with the contents of Christmas dinner still reverberating in the stomach.This time it was  a beautiful, crisp sunny day, but the mud didn’t take long to emerge, and for Mad Dog Winter and Le Dunc it was a case of Groundhog Day. Just like last year we found ourselves locked together with one and a half laps to go. I’d shaded it then by electing to run the last 30 metres as pedalling was getting me nowhere. How was it going to pan out this time?I’d got a great start and managed to make my way past the tangle of bikes and limbs on the first bend where a Vicious Velo rider and a couple of others slid off. I was finding it hard going though and the course, while pretty fat, is really tiring and liable to bite you on the bum if you relax too much. I slid off a few times in the slippery corners and single track through the woods, but nothing too serious. Martin was a little way back but worked his way through and caught me on the third lap on the flat section that passes through about 200 molehills and then rises agonisingly up to the pits. He was going strong, and strangely thought he was passing Sol and shouted “Come on Sol” as he slipped easily past. I’m not sure whether I should feel flattered or Sol should be upset. Either way, if we’re all sharing a family room in Derby for the Nationals it could be interesting!I dug in and managed to keep close to his wheel as we went into the single track through the woods on the last lap. Martin snuck past 3 back markers on the tight slippery path, and me and another guy shouted loudly at them and nipped through just before the track narrowed and kept in contention, but I really thought Martin had it in the bag with 400m to go. My legs had gone and I was happy to concede. Then, just like last year (and I’m sorry to have done this again Mart) I managed to carry a bit of speed down the final slope into the big off camber bend and nipped past, narrowly missed a tree and a back marker and held on till the line. Great race, and Martin would have taken it if he hadn’t got held in the crash, but no doubt we’ll be tussling again this time next year at exactly the same bend. Great race and great fun.Over the line, as Martin and I gasped and laughed, a somewhat elated and furious Sol met us and explained that she’d come second to a Look Mum No Hands rider by 5 metres, but had thought there was another lap to go. She’d chased her down for a couple of laps closing a pretty big lead down to just a couple of bike lengths. If the Men’s race leader hadn’t lapped them in the back section they would have gone into another lap and who knows. Really fantastic ride, and so unlucky. What a season Sol is having! Saw Jo at the end looking happy and muddy, so hope her race went well too.

Down to Southampton next week for a Wessex League race to keep the legs ticking over, and then off to Derby on the 11th. No pictures this week, so here’s the Garmin map image instead.
Five 2 mile laps in an hour, no hills to speak of….knackered, chuffed and scratched to bits. Thank heaven for the jet wash. The bike is clean and ready to go again. More than I can say for me right now!.

Go Twickenham

Le Dunc

martin at Footscray Sol Footscray Dunc Footscray


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Race report – Cyclocross- Central League Round 10 Hillingdon

Sol : December 16, 2013 12:03 am : CX, News, Reports, Results


What a great day – our TCC home fixture, and two TCC winners. Following on from Chris’s race win in the Cat 4’s on saturday, this has been a good weekend for the club.

Mud was back. The volunteers did a brilliant job creating a really tough and technical course, and the support from everyone was immense. To Lisa, Barbara, Bill, John, Tom, Jason, Stephen and so many others: a huge thank you.

After the overnight rain the surface cut up really quickly in the youth races, so by the time the Vets and Ladies lined up a real mudfest was in store.

Sol, Martin and I have been training hard and been there for each other all season and today we were all determined to leave nothing in the tank. My race started first, followed a minute later by Martin in the 40+ and then Sol in the Ladies.

I went off hard and was determined to get to the first corner first after 400 metres on the tarmac. I managed it, and then I put the hammer down. The legs were back and, nervous as I was about leading from the start, I kept my concentration and pushed on. Unlike in previous weeks I didn’t have any mechanical issues and kept calm through the technical stuff and pushed 100% on the straights. I was so excited coming over the line first, and hearing the shouts of Tom Kirkin, Lisa and Jason. Even got a hug from Mac. I was proud as punch. Martin was next in. A season’s best 7th place for Martin. How many hours has Martin put in on the bike in TTs and ‘cross this year? He really deserves his League position in the top 10. Chapeau. Then, icing on the cake, Sol steamed in first in the Vet Ladies, second lady overall, beating all her main rivals in the process. What a girl!

By now the course was as slippery as an eel, and as rutted as a deer in season….not sure where that one came from! The Seniors really had a tough job just getting around the bends and bumps, and most still managed to bunny hop the sleepers and barriers; great skill and commitment. Gavin, Christos, George and James all did well, but victory went to the immensely powerful Neil Ellison from West Drayton who powered to an impressive victory.

No more Central races till late January, so a few of us will be off to other London and Wessex fixtures over Christmas and the New Year, and then up to Derby for the Nationals on 11th January. We’ll give it our best shot and will definitely enjoy the experience.


1505016_568631476552121_976072533_n 1507842_568576606557608_1996985626_n1 1524614_568575313224404_589171110_n1 1464653_568574263224509_761405198_n1 1508976_568574109891191_1977531705_n1 1471102_568577129890889_986597220_n1 1511263_568577333224202_1988671549_n1 1468741_568577756557493_1005633193_n1 1472887_568596106555658_357628163_n1 1506871_568596883222247_555968909_n1 1476255_568577823224153_1558666769_n1 936583_568598516555417_250367483_n1 1525014_568598083222127_1227369990_n1 988802_568602573221678_1744523591_n1 1512436_568601049888497_844177006_n1 1525560_568601719888430_1499974191_n1

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Cyclocross – South of England Championships – Didcot, Oxford

Sol : December 8, 2013 7:53 pm : CX, News, Reports, Results

 A tough race at Oxford today for various TCC riders, and other TCC guys riding for Imperial, Pretorius etc. Top riders from the Central and Wessex Leagues contending for the Southern regional title.

Sol, Martin Winter, Duncan, in the early race and George Kirkin, James Leach and Mike Miach in the later senior race. I think I saw Gavin warming up too as the Vets race finished.

The course was on a well drained, hard chalk mound at the Didcot Science Park and featured some really steep chalky climbs, a long 20 metre  run up some steps and a buttock clenching descent complete with straw bails at the bottom. Much harder and faster than most courses, with the threat of some painful bruises if you lost it. A few riders pulled out after recce-ing the course. There was a nasty crash in the ‘Belgian’ sand section and a youth rider looked to be badly injured. It was that kind of course. You had to keep your wits about you.

I only saw our Vets and Ladies race which was fast from the outset. Sol wisely withdrew after a couple of laps as she wasn’t comfortable on the descent and lives to ride another day – no dishonour there. Martin rode well in the V40 beating a couple of his regular adversaries in the process. I had my best race in a while and think I finished top 10. Feels like the legs are coming back.  Mac was on hand as ever shouting encouragement. We all had a cuppa at the end and discussed the need to reduce carbs in the diet to lose some weight ready for the Nationals in January in Derby. We were all eating delicious danish pastries at the time. The diet starts next week…..

Fingers crossed the other guys in the Senior race rode well and got round in one piece.

Rounded off a fine weekend for the club on the back of some good performances at Hillingdon judging from Daren’s brilliant report. Next week is the TCC cross race at Hillingdon.
Come along and help if you can – Kay would much appreciate any assistance. Come and do a novice race if you fancy giving it a try, or just come and watch. Its great hearing support and much appreciated.

Go Twickenham

Le Dunc

Over 130 riders in the starting line ups so some great performances all round against the best riders in the South of England. Well done everyone.
Steve James from Hargroves Cycles won the overall title for the 3rd year running and he’s till under 23.
Duncan Schwier 7th (50+) TCC
Martin Winter 31st (40+) TCC
Michael Miach 19th (TCC/Pretorius Bikes)
Richard Collins 20th (Imperial)
James Leach 27th (TCC/Imperial)
George Kirkin 34th (TCC/Imperial)
Gavin Mitchell 35th TCC


1497640_565282816886987_1723424498_n 1483159_565285803553355_632888974_n 1480767_565284400220162_1192617925_n 1475952_565282966886972_1482431518_n 1474472_565284440220158_1332043796_n Photos from Southern Regional Champs

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National Series Cyclocross at Milton Keynes

Sol : December 2, 2013 10:58 am : CX, News, Reports, Results

Video of Vets race at National Trophy 4 Milton Keynes

 National Series Cyclocross at Milton KeynesGreat day today up at sunny Milton Keynes. Forget Strictly Come Dancing, this was Strictly Come Cyclocross.Amazing field in the senior race with National Champion Ian Field coming back for a race in the UK having raced on the continent for most of the season. Series Leader Paul Oldham, plus a host of others. All the races had riders from all over the country, so a really top field. We were nervous.

Martin Winter raced in the Vets 40+ race, I was in the 50+ race, Sol raced in the ladies race and Michael Miach was in the Senior main race, and George was in the pits, and did a fine job……

We all finished, none of us was last, and we did the club proud.

Very tough course in the MK Bowl. Lots of steep. twisty, exhausting climbs and tough, tricky off camber bends and one particularly nerve wracking downhill bend.

It was a great experience racing at National level, and shows we are developing a broad competitive squad in CX this year. Next week the Southern Championships at Oxford, and then the business end of the Central League season with the TCC race at Hillingdon.

Sol, Martin and I have entered the Nationals in Derby in Jan, so we are looking to race as much and as hard as we can before then. Cross is a great crack, we love it.

IMG_4026Go Twickenham
Le Dunc


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