Good turnout of over 110 riders for second race in Wild Bill Butterworth’s Masters Series. Graham Crowe and I turned out for TCC. Swapped the Gatorskins for 4000S’s this morning and what a relief to corner with confidence. They can stay in the cupboard till next winter! Horrible ride out from the West End in all the traffic kind of warmed me up, or maybe just filled my lungs with pollutants. Either way, it was a lovely evening to be racing. Graham did some digs, and I didn’t! Kind of sat in the pack to get my racing legs working again and get some confidence back. Pretty brisk average of about 27mph and the usual sketchy riding and shouting. Came down to the usual sprint and I think Graham was up there. I was happy back in about 20th, so a good roll out and sets me up well for Dunsfold Series starting next week. Wasn’t as tough as I’d feared so wish I’d worked a bit harder, but good building block for tougher races to come. Graham rode straight from the finish line to work I reckon. Hope I can get fit enough to contribute a bit more in future. Go Twickenham! Le Dunc

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