On Wednesday Martin and I rode the a3crg midweek 10 on the P881R at Liss, it is the faster of the two courses there and with low air pressure we were hoping for a fast night. Turns out that a SW wind means a headwind for the first 5 miles, a sheltered 5-7.5 miles and tailwind home and a hard night. I managed 19:23 to miss the club record by 1 second (but PB) and Martin just under 21 min for 1st and 6th overall (I think) More to come on this course on another day.

Saturday saw Martin on the fast F11/10 course at Tring in good conditions. He was unfortunately held up at the top turn costing a precious few seconds and missing a PB by 9 sec in 20:36

This morning I rode the ECCA 100 on the E2 near Newmarket. Fine conditions though fairly high air pressure meant fast times would have to be worked for. I went out hard to combat the early higher pressure (it drops as temperature increases) and hoped to hang on for as long as possible. I recorded 3:25:28 for 6th on the all time list, a PB by 34 minutes, a club record by 21 minutes and second overall.



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