Blank the pain
You feel sick.

Ignore the wind
Your legs won’t work.

Forget the other riders
Nothing is functioning.

Focus on Les Filles

They jump. You jump

They attack. You react.

They will be brutal and punishing.

They will string you out until you’re broken.
And attack again,
And again.
And again.

……well this is what I learnt from my latest race with Emma Jess Helen Clarry and Anna on Saturday where the field comprised a strong bunch of Cat 2s from Les Filles.

We were racing in Brighton on a 600m track. For 50 minutes. Yep about 60 laps. Of the same course?!
Before the race, I actually thought I might get bored!

But, oh oh oh, how wrong I was.

Les Filles were brutal. Emma & I kept responding to the jumps, taking turns to react. Barely seconds seemed to pass from one attack to the next with no chance to recover. Staying at the front felt a necessity to avoid being blocked and to react quickly when the attacks came.
We were both keen to break, but each time one of us was ready to fire the other was too cooked from reacting to an attack or taking too longa turn on the front.

About 25 minutes in, I was gone, and another attack came and I didn’t have the legs to go. Five of Les Filles went, and from somewhere, Emma fired her legs once more and she responded and stayed with them along with a Kingston rider. I was dropping back, feeling awful, utterly convinced I should call it a day. But Jess and Clarry did a great job in picking me up, bringing me back to the remaining bunch; undoubtedly continuing strong turns they, Helen and Anna must have been pulling in response to the jumps.

Recovering, the legs found some juice and went to try to catch the break and a girl came with me.
Massive relief- with two of us we may catch the six in front. I was cooking, in a very bad way.
Flicked my elbow. Nothing. No response.
Another flick. Nothing again.
I had a wobble and lost my line. The wheel stuck with me.
Dam it. I was dragging the remaining Les Filles to her team, and she shot from my wheel to her team mates. I was too broken to go.

The Twick Chicks continued strong for the rest of the race, dominating the remaining pack and Emma out strong with the lead pack.

Sprints at the end left us with three top 10 places for Emma, Anna and myself; with fewer Cat 2’s racing, Twick Chicks dominance would have been more pronounced in the points.

Shattering. Exhausting. Punishing
And bl00dy brilliant!!


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