Windy conditions at Hillingdon last night. Two from TCC (Bill and myself). Missed the break but finished with a sprint in the bunch.
Following on from Dunc’s Vets report this evening, here’s another. Signed on for my first E/1/2/3 race proper at Hillingdon, still feeling the effects of Sunday’s off-road excursion, as if the DOBs on the sign in sheet and numbers not equal to 4 weren’t bad enough.
Tuesday races are clockwise, one hour, and we set off at a good pace before the 3/4 race gets going. After a couple of hard laps of fighting my way to mid-pack I look down at my Garmin. It is obviously broken because it is registering an average power of 330 Watts and sub two minute laps.
There is a break after about four laps that starts to move away. Nuun Sigma Sport have two in the break and with at least four more in the field they resort to some blocking. Much chasing ensues but I’m a spectator for much of this. And they are gone. Pace settles to a more modest 300 Watts and we regroup. At least I console myself with being top third of the bunch.
Laps pass, and we lap the 3/4s. Twice. There are a few hard turns on the front and a several selections which I make. Acceleration into the wind across the clubhouse, followed by attacks on the straight are repeated and time counts down. Fifteen minutes to go and I take a gel. Not feeling so bad, and passing people by spinning out of Brian’s Bends, I settle to defend my position and avoid being boxed in. Five to go and this tactic is working. Two to go and still there or thereabouts. The bell tolls and I’m on the outside of the straight as Team CSE drag three members up in front of me so I grab wheel. Into the first bend and none of that crashing nonsense!
Fast throughout the lap, mad spinning and acceleration. I don’t trouble the 11T but am able to pass two riders on the long sprint for position and about 15th in the bunch. I look down and the Garmin is still broken; 28 miles in exactly one hour. 297 average watts. My fastest race to date and a new hard-earned power threshold. Roll on the TCC Vets race next Wednesday.
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