Rode the E123 race at Hillingdon with Graham Crow last night. About 60 riders including teams from Nuun, Windy Milla and CSE racing. Cool and windy conditions.

Lap three sees Graham get into a small break with some blocking from myself and other teams. They get away with an eventual maximum gap of 20 seconds. The peloton chase them down eventually, I take a nasty caffeine gel and move up for the last few laps putting my “Follow Vince” race plan into action. It comes together for a final sprint and I am blocked in by the Windy’s whilst Graham is better placed. Graham finished 13th and I’m pretty sure I was top 25, but results suggest otherwise, ho hum. But a 28.6 mph average speed, a top 10 among the third cats, and I felt better than after the last E123 race. Drove to work today 😉

If you are planning on racing tomorrow’s Surrey League handicap race at Staple Hill, try and arrive early as some of us were turned away last time. Race starts at 19:15. I arrived at 18:30 and that was too late for a place!

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