Well I arrived at the Circuit at 18.30hrs due to heavy traffic only to be met with a signing on que longer that the ladies loo at a nightclub. Straight onto the start, a quick introduction to fellow TCC rider Adam and we are off.

Approximately 60 riders on track with relatively good conditions. Adam and I take the front and lead out a rather twitchy peloton. The race continues at a steady 25 mph average with Adam and I taking turns on the front with a group of about 10 other riders from Blazing Saddles, Northwood Paragon and Thames Velo. Not a Dynamo nor Kingston Wheeler in sight. A few breaks were attempted only to be reigned in by the pelotons steady plod.


Photo courtesy of Glyn Durrant, Surrey League

On the penultimate lap the front runners, including Adam and I were nicely placed waiting for the bell. Suddenly the safety car appeared and neutralised the race, chaos reigned. It transpires that this was to allow the women’s race to conclude without the mens group being any where near them.

Sadly this allowed everyone to bunch up and for all those who hadn’t done any work for the last 27 miles a chance to use their “reserved energy ” for the last lap. Coming into the last bend Adam and I were placed top ten and ready for the sprint only to find ourselves in a terrible position on the inside. To the left was the grass, in front and to the side were several riders who appeared to have given up. Boxed in, no where to go, race over. A disappointing top twenty finish for both of us.

It was the first time I had raced at Dunsfold and valuable lessons were learnt re positioning. Next time they will be utilised.
Kind Regards Steve Pellowe

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