Three TCC riders, good conditions, lots of attacking, Graham made a late break for third.
Time for another race report as it has been a while. There have been races; two E123’s (top 25 in both) and a Vets Race two weeks ago (crash on the last lap and rolled in last after stopping), but last night marked my return to the TCC sponsored Vets race.
Good conditions, little wind, and the usual field. myself, Graham Crow and Elwyn Powell, who has made the long trek over from East London – I’ll be returning the journey for the “Going for Gold” races soon, line up with the usual teams; B&M Solidor, Handsling, Quest and other riders.
First lap is pedestrian, and then the attacking starts. Graham is keeping his powder dry – but others are consistently off the front. Gray Turnock is a marked man – every time the red skin suit attacks, the whole peloton speeds up! But a group of five does get free and eventually gain 40 seconds. I variously, attack on the incline and ride a lap and a half off the bunch trying to bridge, sit in to recover, mark others, or generally try and sit near the front.
Pace increases, and the front of the chase group get together. We catch the front group. With three laps to go on the board, Graham attacks with a couple of riders and I block on the front of the group. I give another rider that “I won’t be doing any chasing” look, and the four look like they have 30 metres on us. Pace rises and we start to organise for the remaining sprint. I grab Handling’s wheel and hope to keep it. Last lap and 10th wheel, speed rises, usual attacks up the incline and out of the bends. Still holding position as the sprint starts. But I am no sprinter and tonight can’t hold position.
Graham gets third. I am about 20th, and distinctly mid-pack, Elwyn just behind me. Pleased with the race; missed one or two attacks when boxed in, attacked off the front and almost bridged, didn’t have anything left at the end. New brakes made for some assured handling, but water in the rear cable outer from Ride London meant that rear shifting was dreadful! If your bike won’t shift cleanly up or down, or will shift up but not down, then it is normally the last cable outer before the rear d√©railleur – forgot to check mine before the ride.
The last two races are next week and the week after and will start at the early time of 18:45.

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