After being rejected from James Atherton Road Race – Hampshire race I decided to find another road race. I found Les Ingman memorial road race wich was Nat B event 85 miles. I’ve entered on the line it had 80 starters.

I knew it was going to be hard with lots of elite and 1st cat riders but I needed racing miles. Race started very fast for first lap few people got dropped and never made it back. The circuit had few small hills and one long steady drag. My plan was to stay on the front on the hills as I knew selection would be made there. Every lap I staid top 15 going up hills and there was people dropping all the time it was very hard after 6.5 laps I found myself in grup of about 20 riders with 10 ahead everyone else has been dropped. I was feeling good eating and drinking plenty. And then at the end of lap 6 I felt my rear tire was soft and I had to pull out with 2 laps to go. It’s a shame because I felt I would staid with this group till the end.

Only 28 riders finished the race it was hard. I’m happy with my fitness level at the moment as it’s promising good for upcoming tour of Milton Keynes. Better luck next time.


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