Evening all,

Great day out racing for TCC. Congratulations for Tim O’Rourke for a strong result in not one, but two races today (reports for those to come I hope) and obliterating his points target to get promoted to 3rd cat. Congratulations also to James Bradley for securing the points (and a handful spare) to get to 2nd cat.

At longcross in the E123 handicap we had rain and a very strong finishing straight headwind, so a repeat of last week. Groups were split up arbitrarily with small time gaps so came together quickly. Many attacks and promising breaks were chased down and a bad crash took the wind out of the race 70 mins in with 2 TCC riders getting damaged and retired from the race. We had great positioning in the sprint finish and took 4 of the top 10 including 3rd and 4th, getting pipped by a well led out Pedal Heaven pair.

Iain Palmer – 6th
James Bradley – 4th
Alex Tinsley – 3rd
Graeme York – 9, 10th tbc?
Les finished near the top end of the bunch
Emma – great result hanging in for the whole race with the bunch – contesting the sprint next time right?

Dunc and Steven Rush got separated by the crash. Alex Toghill and Christos sadly had their races ended by punctures and blowouts. Bill Butterworth and Graham Crow went down hard in the crash. Recover well guys, great riding.

Alex Tinsley

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