I made the trip down to Dunsfold in search of the 4 points I needed to get to cat 3.

A beautiful Friday evening for racing and some support from my girlfriend meant I needed a good race!! Pace was high from the start which made breaks difficult (and even better – no crashes!). I was the only TCC rider so set about trying to stay near the front; not on the front and get in any breaks if they did happen – they didn’t! Most teams had only one or two riders so tactically it was a strange race – very much felt like every man for himself as the laps ticked by the sprint beckoned.

Last lap and I was holding good position top 10 but got caught behind a couple of riders in the last 500m. I managed to force my way through but had to sprint later than I would have liked. All wasn’t lost as I passed a load of riders that had gone too early – it was a close finish so need to wait for results to be confirmed but I think I was 5th or 6th so hopefully enough for those remaining four points and onwards to some cat 3 racing!!!

Finally – I think there are still some places remaining for the 3rd team for the 9up at Silverstone this Friday. Let Chrissie or I know if you’re interested.


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