On the start line approximately 50 or so riders lined up for this race, naturally as it was an E12 and a National B, it was to going to attract a quality field. The usual suspects in the form of Tony Gibb, Lewis Atkins, Rob Sharland and Vince Halpern were ready to do battle. The field comprised of mostly E,1’s and 2’s. A 3rd and 4th Cat race was scheduled after, therefore many opted to race this instead. However a couple of 3rds had entered, including Bill Butterworth!

As the race started there was a couple of digs on the front early on, these were closed down pretty quickly. I attacked a couple of times in a bid to get away, but I was being closely marked and when I did get in a group that could of escaped it seemed that they didn’t share my view. I spent my time hovering at the front end of the race watching for attacks. About 2/3rds into the race Rob Sharland attacked whilst I was recovering, he brought another rider with him, Lewis Atkins chased and a strong group of 3 was formed and started to work together nicely.

With only a 3rd of the race left, and having attacked early, I wanted to conserve energy for a counter attack and/or the sprint. The peloton was moving at quite a good pace, so my thoughts of attacking late, turned to thinking of the sprint.

I placed myself as best as I could for the closing sprint, I was hoping to be a little further to the front, but it wasn’t to be. I had to sprint late due to being blocked. I ended up 12th overall. Disappointed not to of made a break, as that’s what I wanted, but still 4 Nat points added to the clubs tally.

TCC are certainly on an upwards curve, we’re doing better than this time last year! Let’s keep the motivation and see where we end up at the end of the season. TCC, historically was the best amateur club, it looks like we are back where we belong. Well done all, stay safe.

Graham Crow

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