Happy New Year Everyone!
2 race reports from two brave new TCC members in our new Twick Chicks racing team. I believe Anna scored her first top 10 BC points too so not bad for a first attempt! Oh and not forgetting the boys who also braved the quite awful elements with James Bradley making a fantastic sprint to gain 2nd place on 3rd cat placings so that’s the first 2014 BC points on the board. Well done all.
Anna’s race report:
So Mac posted this helpful top tip on Facebook yesterday: Too wet, cold or windy. Not sure whether to ride. Top tip. Get ready. Get out. Then when you get back, decide if it was too wet, cold or windy.” Thanks Mac. In hindsight we all survived the race so it wasn’t too wet, cold or windy – but I suspect it was close.
It was a great intro to racing actually. A friendly man on the start line told us that we were already winners just for being there. I was on the line with my new Twick Chicks team mates Emma, Chrissie and Jess (and relieved to find out the this was also Chrissie and Jess’ first race ever). Chris gave us all some encouragement and then the man said “off you go” and off we went – at quite a pace straight into the wind. The group strung out quickly and started to break up and I still hadn’t managed to clip my foot in. When I finally did feel the click I knew that I should make every effort to catch the front bunch and pedalled hard until I caught up. That was my best move for the day because it meant I just had to try to keep up for forty minutes. At one point when Emma heard me gasping for air she told me it would get easier in 3 minutes – which it did seem to. After the race she told me she had said 20 minutes so I’m grateful that the wind whipped those words away or this story may have had a different ending. It was my first race, but to me it seemed very fast and furious with wheels going everywhere and the wind, rain and road spray just added to the chaos. For the most part the race was divided into two bunches but I believe Chrissie and Jess both did a fair bit of riding on their own which would have been hard work, so well done girls. Emma was looking strong, experienced and calm in the lead group but then punctured going into the final lap – unfair after making the effort to get out there, and with a migraine, but she was philosophical about it. Our bunch had a lot of attacks in the last five laps and I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to keep up the pace but suddenly we were flying around the last bend and onto the home straight. The bunch spread out across the road for an awesome sprint finish and then it was over. First race done and I even managed to get a point! Thanks to Chris, Lisa and Jason who came down to stand in the rain and support us and to Emma for lending Jess and I jerseys and giving us some much appreciated encouragement.
Go Twick Chicks!
Jess’s race report: Imperial Winter Series race 5 Women’s E1234
The first race of 2014 saw Emma Towers, Anna Gibbney, Crissy Stephenson & Jess Rhodes-Jones battle the rain, gales & lakes on the track in the Women’s E1234 race. It was the first time that Anna, Crissy & myself had done an Open Race & our first time at Hillingdon circuit.  It was a great experience, if a little scary at times on the bends with lakes on them! The track was great & there was good encouragement from Chris standing at the finish line cheering us on. Looking forward to the next one!
IMG_3739 IMG_3752
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