Rules and Etiquette

In the interests of safety and to ensure a structured training ride, riders on the Twickenham Cycling
Club Training Rides are expected to adhere to the following guidelines.

Training Groups

  1. Training rides usually consist of three or more groups at various levels of experience, fitness and speed from moderate to fast.
  2. Each group is led by a designated leader or leaders.
  3. The training is either ‘through and off’ or ‘bit and bit’ where all riders in the group take regular turns on the front, so that everyone in the group shares the work. Rides are conducted in an orderly manner without massive fluctuations in speed.
  4. Riders should be able to take regular turns on the front. If for any reason riders find themselves unable to do this then they should inform the group leader and ‘sit in’ at the back for the remainder of the ride. The rider should consider a different group the following week.
  5. It is the responsibility of each rider to know which group they should ride with. Riders may be asked to withdraw from a group if they are unable to maintain the pace or take turns on the front. Nevertheless, riders in the slower groups are encouraged to make the transition up to faster groups when able.

Riders Responsibilities

  1. Riders must abide by the Highway Code at all times. Dangerous and unlawful cycling cannot be tolerated and riders must not bring the Club into disrepute.
  2. It is the responsibility of each rider in the group to consider the safety of their fellow riders and other road users, to consider the road and weather conditions and to ride accordingly.
  3. It is the responsibility of each rider to carry necessary tools, equipment and working lights.
  4. It is the responsibility of each rider to know how to get back to the Club-room, or home if need be, by themselves should they be separated from their group by puncture, breakdown or pace. The slower groups will probably wait for all their riders. On the faster rides it is possible that the group will not stop to wait for anyone dropped.
  5. Riders on the TCC Tuesday Evening Training Rides are expected to register and pay £1 before the ride (50p for under-18s), which includes tea and cakes back at the Clubroom. Riders joining the ride after it starts and/or not coming back to the Clubroom are still expected to pay £1. Regular riders who are not TCC members can expect to be asked to join the Club.

Club Recommendations

  1. a. It is recommended that Riders have personal insurance cover from BC or other similar organisation.
  2. b. It is strongly recommended that riders wear a helmet at all times whilst on Club training rides.
  3. c. Riders are requested to wear Club kit when taking part in Club training rides. This enables simple identification of group members.


Twickenham Cycling Club will not accept responsibility for loss or damageto riders or equipment whilst on a training ride.