Graham and I went down to Dunsfold tonight for first of the Vets Series. 8 or 10 weekly races I think. Traffic was heavy so not a lot of time to warm up, but at least I made the start line. Graham was fired up and raring to go, supported by the Family Crowe.

I think I’m finding some form at last and interested to see how I’d go. Good size field with strong headwind on the back straight. That tended to have everyone (except Graham) sitting up every lap, and good for me allowing me to get back on each time, but when breaks started to go they eventually started to stick.

After about 4 or 5 laps Graham and a bunch of about 10 or so got away. A handful from VC Meudon amongst them, who Graham said were attacking each lap and working together. I was back in the main group of about 50 or so and doing OK. Nice wide track to weave around so things were going off all the time. I had a couple of digs and a few of us looked to be among the stronger of the surviving pack. Seemed to be recovering OK each time, but didn’t have the confidence to go with the main breaks.

Graham’s group stayed away and I think he put in a solo dig on last lap but was pipped to third on the line. Good ride by him. A few of us in the group put in some digs and broke away just before the bell. We traded places a few times and then it sat up, then I slightly lost my marbles at the bell and attacked. I reckoned that the field would sit up in the headwind, so if I had the balls to work hard for that long mile I might just stay away. I got caught by 2 riders with 200 to go, but jumped on their wheel and we crossed the line more or less together about 200 metres ahead of the pack.

Really chuffed to have taken the gamble and felt good to have stretched myself and had a go. Next week I’ll try and get into the break and see if I can hold on. Well done The Mighty Crowe and looking forward to either Bills Hillingdon race next week or else Race 2 at Dunsfold the same night. Small matter of Fred Whitton in between.

Le Dunc

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