TCC Club Circuit Championships

Hi All,

Yes its that time of year again when you are all expected to don your TCC kit and appear at Hillingdon Cycle Circuit to contest the annual Club Circuit Championships.

For those of you not familiar with this annual ritual it is a great opportunity to get together with your racing/training buddies and see who is the better man/woman/boy/girl on the day! It also provides a ‘safe’ chance for those who have not experienced any sort of bunch racing to have a go in a non-threatening environment so anyone who is, or has been, thinking about having a go at racing this is your ideal starting point.

There are 5 categories; Senior, Veteran, Women, Junior and Youth and there is a trophy for each category. Age taken as at 1st January.

The racing will start at 1.30pm and depending upon the weather will be an hour plus 5 laps (if it is particularly bad weather then the time will be reduced). It is a bunch race with everyone starting together with the first two laps under ‘control’.

The circuit will be available for warm up from 1pm.

Tea and cake will be available after the race and trophies and awards will be made in the clubroom immediately after the race with an expected close by 3.30pm/4pm.

Please support this event, even if you cannot ride then please come along as we always need volunteers to help note the finishing order, man the video camera and generally encourage the riders.



Those of you who do not have kit yet and will not be able to get any before the 13th October can still race – I am aware that some of the newer members amongst you have not yet had a chance to get kit but you can check with Lisa and Jason to see if there are any jerseys and shorts in stock which might get you sorted before the next kit order comes in.