A tough race at Oxford today for various TCC riders, and other TCC guys riding for Imperial, Pretorius etc. Top riders from the Central and Wessex Leagues contending for the Southern regional title.

Sol, Martin Winter, Duncan, in the early race and George Kirkin, James Leach and Mike Miach in the later senior race. I think I saw Gavin warming up too as the Vets race finished.

The course was on a well drained, hard chalk mound at the Didcot Science Park and featured some really steep chalky climbs, a long 20 metre  run up some steps and a buttock clenching descent complete with straw bails at the bottom. Much harder and faster than most courses, with the threat of some painful bruises if you lost it. A few riders pulled out after recce-ing the course. There was a nasty crash in the ‘Belgian’ sand section and a youth rider looked to be badly injured. It was that kind of course. You had to keep your wits about you.

I only saw our Vets and Ladies race which was fast from the outset. Sol wisely withdrew after a couple of laps as she wasn’t comfortable on the descent and lives to ride another day – no dishonour there. Martin rode well in the V40 beating a couple of his regular adversaries in the process. I had my best race in a while and think I finished top 10. Feels like the legs are coming back.  Mac was on hand as ever shouting encouragement. We all had a cuppa at the end and discussed the need to reduce carbs in the diet to lose some weight ready for the Nationals in January in Derby. We were all eating delicious danish pastries at the time. The diet starts next week…..

Fingers crossed the other guys in the Senior race rode well and got round in one piece.

Rounded off a fine weekend for the club on the back of some good performances at Hillingdon judging from Daren’s brilliant report. Next week is the TCC cross race at Hillingdon.
Come along and help if you can – Kay would much appreciate any assistance. Come and do a novice race if you fancy giving it a try, or just come and watch. Its great hearing support and much appreciated.

Go Twickenham

Le Dunc

Over 130 riders in the starting line ups so some great performances all round against the best riders in the South of England. Well done everyone.
Steve James from Hargroves Cycles won the overall title for the 3rd year running and he’s till under 23.
Duncan Schwier 7th (50+) TCC
Martin Winter 31st (40+) TCC
Michael Miach 19th (TCC/Pretorius Bikes)
Richard Collins 20th (Imperial)
James Leach 27th (TCC/Imperial)
George Kirkin 34th (TCC/Imperial)
Gavin Mitchell 35th TCC


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