My turn to try out East London’s slip ‘n’ slide today and I managed to stay rubber side down for 5th, not too bad in a field containing professional riders.

After racing yesterday I wasn’t sure what my legs would be up to today, but on the sighting laps I decided that wasn’t the biggest priority as I nearly slipped out in a corner. Tyre pressures lowered the actual warm up went a little better and I started to get the hang of a course which is best summarised as “Sprint-360 bend-sprint-360 bend-repeat” with a surface that I’m sure had less friction than Teflon. Shouldn’t grumble though as it kept you interested and focused…

We started, I had a “clipping in moment” and found myself back in about 12th. First crash didn’t happen until the 2nd bend, the next a couple of laps later although I must admit it seemed a little harsh to play “the girls fall like dominoes” at the same time. In the meantime I started to move through the girls, cornering and sprinting past quite a few. Every now and then I would hit the slippery patch on the top bend and nearly come crashing down – all those cyclocross sessions over the winter paid off though.

In the final few laps I got involved in a tussle for 4th – but the girl in front of me slipped (not her fault) and I settled for 5th rather than bring us both down. Fun but hard race, well organised by Imperial Cyclers!



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