Great report, again Daren. 
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Whilst TCC were being quizzical, I made my donation and excuses and Graham Crow and I rode the fourth race in this excellent TCC-organised series last night. Since I can only answer Science and cycle trivia questions, it was really no loss for any team – not that my Domestique services might fare better.
Beautiful conditions, a light wind from the West, the usual 50-odd faces and a full hour plus five laps in good preparation for the Nationals on Sunday. Graham attacks on the second lap and a group get away. Some hard blocking from myself (look fast, ride slow), Finsbury and Dynamos, mean that the breaks gets out of sight (out of mind?).
The peloton wake up and start sprinting past us. Six laps out in front and they are brought back. Recovery, and a few more attacks. I attack, am reeled in and then bridge to another (racing milestones for me at this level) whist Graham recovers near the front of the peloton. We work well together and I bury myself – Garmin/Power meter must be broken again – but we don’t stay away for long. More attacks and eventually a lull and a distinct – “Come on Graham, do something!” feel as we amble up the incline. Finally pace ups, more attacking and Graham and some of the stronger riders from both age groups (40-50 and 50+) get away and are gone.
Five laps to go, Vince Halpern of Handsling Racing moves up to the front of the main group and starts pulling hard, I grab third wheel and the main bunch strings out as we chase. I’m just hanging on at this stage, new brand of gel – yuk! We catch the second group, but Graham’s has gone. Then some neutralised laps for the inevitable sprint. I’m boxed in but move out and up climbing out of Brian’s Bends. Last lap. Pace rises. I hold position and the sprinting seems to start earlier and earlier. Not tonight. I’ve worked too hard and am passed by four riders for a mid-pack finish. Two over 50’s got away for first and second, Graham finished fourth in his sprint for the 40-50 race. I finished. Pleased with the stats (26.6 mph, 1150 calories down) and a new FTP (298 Watts that won’t be worrying anyone on Sunday). The matchbox appears to be filling up. Progress.
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