Great stuff Dazza
My memory is slightly different.
For blocking read too tired to attack
For lead out read gone too soon.
Biggest challenge was trying to open and swallow a gel on home straight as 5 lap marker came up. The bend got closer, I panicked and squeezed the gel and it exploded, and I rode the rest of the race covered from head to toe with only very little aiding my final push. Good fun and better every week
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Perfect conditions,  58 riders, two TCC, lots of attacks and two got away for the win. I finished 10th in the youngster’s race and Duncan a few places behind me.
Yesterday saw 58 of us line up for the third of Bill’s Veteran’s (over 40’s) race at Hillingdon. Lovely sunny evening with the usual breeze. Myself and Duncan Schweir have registered on behalf of TCC, with strong support from Martin, Sol and Jason, whilst Graeme holds the Surrey League fort at Dunsfold.
An almost neutralized first lap and a stately start, Norwood Paragon attack early and are left to dangle. Brought in after a couple of laps, attacks come and go. I try and bridge, make one of my own with le Dunc looking to block, but nothing sticks. Fun though and I’m pleased to be able to mix it up rather than hang on for grim death (see E123 races passim). I did make a small break of about four or five riders, but for a lot of the race I seemed to be dragging the peloton back to the leaders, then recovering mid-pack or lower. Racing is much smoother and feels safer than the first race, cornering is fast but there is some bunching before Brian’s Bends.
About eight laps to go and the really fast guys are getting restless, there are selections on every lap. I can’t make the final break but can more than keep pace with the bunch. Two get away for the top places, Handsling make third, and I’m done chasing! I mark time sitting on the front but only accelerating to hold position and counter attacks, no more than that. Countdown time and out on the right to defend. Duncan is riding really strongly now – must have been that 11000 feet of climbing as a warm up, and moves to the front of the bunch.
Last Lap; peloton is wide and fat and readying itself for the inevitable sprint. Attacks start up the incline into Brian’s Bends. I’m boxed in but feeling strong, accelerate out of the bend on big Dunc’s wheel and drop down the sprockets passing riders and looking for gaps. I pass five or six for the sprint, finishing about top 15 for the race and 10th for my age group. Duncan is close behind. First BC points as a 3rd Cat and quite a difference to a year ago (when I was hanging onto the bunch). I’m pleased that the hard work has paid off.
Next Veterans race at Hillingdon is in two weeks time. In the meantime, if you are over 30 and want to race, consider the 3/4 and E123 races on Tuesday evenings and the National Masters Circuit Race Championships on June 15th. I’ll be away next week but back for Race 4 of this excellent series, followed by alternating Tuesday races over the summer.
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