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Race Report – WLC 50 Mile Time Trial

Coach_Chris : June 26, 2016 9:51 pm : News, Time Trialling
Now I’ve been time trialling for a few years….but I’ve only ever done 10s and 25s before…never a 50 miler.  So after deciding it would a be a good idea to have a go at one.  Foolishly though I decided it’d be a good idea a few days after Darren had sent off entries….so I begged and hoped and wished…and though a series of lucky planet alignings…I managed to get my name on the start list.

So it suddenly hit me I was going to have to do this thing now.  Now I’ve done lots of tt’s before…so this should just be another one….but quietly I was freaking out that I’ve never done this distance…I’ve never ridden that long at that intensity….and that I wasn’t going to be fit enough to be doing this.

This morning rolled on…and spent the morning getting the car loaded up as per the normal routine and heading out to the course start.  The WLC often uses a course out near Great Missenden….it’s a few variations on the same road depending on whether it’s a 10m/25m/50m…and though it’s a straight road with a couple of roundabouts….and you’d think you can’t get lost….lots of people have (including me!) by taking a wrong turn at one of the roundabouts.  So made sure I knew where the course was.

Once I got out there…I went and picked up the number and started getting dressed and putting all my things together…and by the time I was about ready to head to the start line…it looked like I was the only rider left….so quickly pulled myself together and headed to the start line.  Gareth Williams was starting a couple of places in front of me, and I saw him starting out wished him the best….and 2 minutes later…I was up.

So there’s that classic mantra in time trialling – don’t start too fast….don’t start too fast…don’t start too fast…and given I didn’t fancy spending 2 hours wishing I’d followed it….this time I really did start easily.

So started out…up the hill…and it wasn’t too bad…it’s really counter intuitive…but since it’s a longer event, it’s like you get permission to take it easier….so sounded good to me.  My plan was to take it easy for the first half…and if I had any in reserve I’d bring it out in the second half.  So the first half..I thought I was taking it easy…and the second half…well guess what I didn’t have any in reserve.  10 miles rolled by…and then 20 miles rolled by…then 30…then 40…and….before I knew it….there was only 10 left to go.

The last 5 miles….was coming up…and I knew by then…there wasn’t going to be any consequence if I just threw everything I had into it…so pushed out all I could…passed a couple of people…pushed harder and harder…and tried yelling my number as I went past the time keeper….but could barely speak….and I’m not sure anything intelligible even came out of my mouth.

So my legs where just jelly….definitely sore, and I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to walk when I got off the bike.

Hobbled my way back to the car….pulled myself off the bike….and did a bit of a cool down on the turbo….and 10 mins later….things started coming back to normal.  The HQ was only about 30 metres down the hill….but took that warm down before I think I could even walk properly.

Thankfully…by the time I could get down to the HQ…most of the results were up…Gareth had come in with 2:04:56 (missing the benefits of a skinsuit, that will certainly bring the time down!).  Scanning down the results I was pleased to see that I had managed to finish my first 50 mile, I’d managed to break two hours…and to top it off…even managed to come in with the quickest time with 1:53:59.

So the usual gossip followed…the people attending these are a friendly bunch…and though it’s nice to do well in these things…the key thing is everyone is out to beat the best time they’ve done on this course…and you all spend 50 miles right at the limit…and this brings a camaraderie around the pain we’d all shared.
Special mention here to TCC’s Helen Gravatt as well – who marshalled at the event.  These events don’t function without these guys – and it’s nice to see a TCC member helping out!
So….the West London Combine (WLC)…they’re run on nice courses..not especially fast…but quite fair…and it’s a good bunch of people out there.  The next one is on the 21st of August.  It’s a 25 mile one…and if you haven’t tried one before – it’s a great distance to do.  With the shorter ones…you are over your limit for the most part…but a 25 mile one you get to tone it back a bit.  So maybe if you’ve not had a try at one of these events….get your road bike together…and have a go.  You don’t need so much as tt bars to enter and ride.  So maybe think it over – and drop Darren an email when the registration comes out.

PS Remember I mentioned the course is easy, but it’s still easy to get lost?  Today two people that managed to shortcut the roundabouts – knocking 2 miles off the 50 and sadly disqualifying themselves.  After 48 miles it’s got to break your heart!
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New Club TT Records!

Coach_Chris : June 19, 2016 9:26 pm : News, Time Trialling

On Wednesday Martin and I rode the a3crg midweek 10 on the P881R at Liss, it is the faster of the two courses there and with low air pressure we were hoping for a fast night. Turns out that a SW wind means a headwind for the first 5 miles, a sheltered 5-7.5 miles and tailwind home and a hard night. I managed 19:23 to miss the club record by 1 second (but PB) and Martin just under 21 min for 1st and 6th overall (I think) More to come on this course on another day.

Saturday saw Martin on the fast F11/10 course at Tring in good conditions. He was unfortunately held up at the top turn costing a precious few seconds and missing a PB by 9 sec in 20:36

This morning I rode the ECCA 100 on the E2 near Newmarket. Fine conditions though fairly high air pressure meant fast times would have to be worked for. I went out hard to combat the early higher pressure (it drops as temperature increases) and hoped to hang on for as long as possible. I recorded 3:25:28 for 6th on the all time list, a PB by 34 minutes, a club record by 21 minutes and second overall.



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Weekend Time Trial

Coach_Chris : May 24, 2016 9:42 pm : News, Time Trialling, Vets

Saturday saw Stuart Stow and myself head up to Long Bennington (near Nottingham) for the Veteran’s National 10 Championship. While we successfully dodged almost all the rain it was a very exposed course in a flat area, this meant 20-30 mph head to crosswind on the way out and a howling tailwind at times on the return. I had some issues with a rebellious power meter miscalibration so went off quite a lot too hard (it was reading low) but at least it was into the wind so the effort not completely wasted though it did likely cause a weaker second half than the more ideal approach of building power into the ride. I recorded 20:20 with Stuart 22:17.

Beautiful weather on Sunday morning and the ski slope at Marlow for the High Wycombe event on the H25/2 came with the potential for some good times. The two mile gift hill is compensation for a rough and lumpy section of the A4 with a cross headwind out and some help for the return. Working hard into the wind worked well and I recorded 49:16 for the win and a new PB with Stuart in 13th with 54:17, Martin Winter 56:12 and Julie Chasin 1:02:32 for 5th in the Ladies and a PB. Stuart, Martin and myself also edged the team prize by 2 seconds after a recount.
This event has a good history and a quite unusual trophy:
IMG_1860 IMG_1861
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Coach_Chris : May 14, 2016 9:45 pm : News, Time Trialling

The first 50 mile TT on the fast E2/50C course this year saw PBs from myself (1:39:41, win and club record), Martin Winter (1:49:15) and Stuart Stow (1:50:38) and a lowering of the club team 50 record from 5:40:56 to 5:19:34. Conditions were fine and dry if a bit windy with none of the recent warmth.


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TT Report: Team Record Obliterated!

Daren Austin : June 13, 2014 2:42 pm : News, Results, Time Trialling
Tonight , June 12th, enticed by the good weather, 4 TCC riders made the trip up to Hertford for the F20/10 club event... A new team record and 3 pbs made it well worthwhile:

Clarry - 22:01
35s pb with no disk and DESPITE stopping at the turn... The long standing club record of 21:52 of Jenny Durham will not last the season.

Martin - 20:35
41s pb!!

Myself - 20:27
10s pb

Liam - 20:32
Despite having 2 weeks off the bike with illness AND training with Sol this morning

New team record = 61:34


David Woodhouse
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TT Race Report: National 50 mile Championships

Daren Austin : June 9, 2014 9:07 am : News, Results, Time Trialling

Hi all!
Things have been a bit quiet on the Chunghouse TT front, with me having shingles over Easter dealing a massive blow to the early season. I’ve spent the past 6 or so weeks gradually building up the training and trying to fill in the hole that 2 weeks off the bike left.

After a truly disastrous Personal Worst on Easter Monday, I’ve managed to crack out 2 PBs in the last 2 weeks taking me to 22mins36 for a 10mile. Ego boosted, I went into this morning’s National 50 Championships feeling er…. nervous?! Sick to the stomach??

It was a lumpy, convoluted twisty course that did not suit me at all. Chances of getting lost were high. Chances of being overtaken 100%. Hayley Simmonds, who has dominated every race this year, with a 10m PB of almost 2 minutes faster than me, was starting right behind. I hold her off until 6.4 miles which is way longer than I expected… At some point the other major contender for the title, again with a super fast 10m time, shoots past me. Don’t really remember much else… I overtake some people, have a bout of road rage when the cars build up behind another competitor who was clearly struggling up the hill, forget to eat or drink and battle cramp for the last 15 miles.

I sneak home in 2.06.47 to come 7th overall, just 8 seconds behind 6th place. Somehow I’ve managed to beat ex hill climb champ and Best British All-rounder Lynn Hamel into 8th. Hayley won in a time of 1.58.36 so it shows just how much more work I need to do. I’m under no illusions that I’m as fit as I should be and definitely have not done the training to justify my results but I’m hoping that with a decent block of training between now and the National 25 in August, I can close the time gap to her.

Until then, I shall be racing myself fit, so if anyone is looking to do some races then do join in! It’ll be great to see more TCCers around.


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TT Race Report – Icknield RC 100 mile Time Trial

Daren Austin : June 3, 2014 2:53 pm : News, Results, Time Trialling

I rode the Icknield Road Club 100 mile time trial on the F1 course in Bedfordshire this morning, on what was one of those “float” days which you wait a long time for.

I finished 6th (I think, awaiting confirmation) in a time of 3:52:25 (25.8157mph), which is a PB for me and a new TCC veterans record.

The event was won by Adam Topham, the BBAR champion in a time of 3:28:20, the fourth fastest time ever over the distance in the UK.


Stephen Campbell

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Kingston Wheelers 14m TT – 24th February

Coach_Chris : January 22, 2013 4:41 pm : News, Time Trialling, Youth

24th Feb – 14mile Open TT organised by local club Kingston Wheelers 

To be run in Ripley on course GS/292A – Hungry Hill Lane/East Clandon/West Horsley/Hungrey Hill Lane

Click here to enter

This is an open event which means anyone can join in.

Youth riders are also encouraged to join in.

Closing date for entry is 12th Feb.



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The 25 TT Bucket List

Mike : November 13, 2012 2:38 pm : Time Trialling

An Idiot Abroad: The 25 TT Bucket List
By Stephen Campbell

Liam Maybank wrote a great piece for the club website about how
to tackle time trials, and this is just a little adjunct to that piece.

I hate time trials! Always have done and always will do. Like Karl
Pilkington, they are outside my comfort zone which is road races and
crits. However, one of my objectives this year was to improve all my
times from my youth, and to do some other distances.

I get the sense there are a few people in the club who would like to
get under the hour for a 25 next year or improve their PB
substantially. Not an easy task, when there are so many other factors
to come into the equation (wind, bikes, training / family etc). When I
started doing a few TTs earlier this year, beating the hour was my
main objective. As it turned out, I did it on my first 25, but that
was because I had carefully selected the event. After that, I was then
careful to select the events which would allow me to access the
fastest courses, by entering the middlemarkers (MM) events, with the
aim of really getting my 25 time down. The middle marker events are
intended to stop the fastest guys hogging the fast courses, but there
are a limited number of such events each year on the fastest courses.
Here are some courses and events for everyone to consider for next
year. You will need to look at the CTT website early next year to
ensure the events are still on. There are fast local courses, which I
have listed below, but this is about giving yourself every opportunity
to either (a) beat the hour (b) get your best time.

Real Team Middle Markers 25 (R25/3L, Neath, August) – The fastest
course in the country. This event allows 240 middle ranking riders to
get onto this course through 2 events run concurrently. Normally, you
would need a 54.00 personal best to get onto it, so entering the MM
event is the best way. About 2.5 hours from Twickenham

Shaftesbury Middle Markers 25 (E2/25 Newmarket, June) – This is a
super fast dual carriageway (DC) course, but very exposed to the wind.
On a calm / good day, it is good. On a windy day, you will struggle.
About 1.5 hours from Twickenham.

Other fast courses within easy reach are as follows, and all you have
to do is search the CTT website for an event on them:-

F1/25 – there are a few events on this A1 based course near St. Neots.
Early morning start, with a 1.5 hour drive. Again, can be exposed, but
on the right day, this is a great course to ride.

H25/2 – Marlow. Good ski-slope start, then a mix of DC and single
carriageway. Due to traffic flows on the A404, this can now only be
used on certain days. Mike and Duncan rode this course at the August
bank holiday. 30 minutes drive from Twickenham.

Q25/8 – Ashford, Kent. Big, fast ski slope start, but the next 22
miles are tough and lumpy and not the fastest. 1 hour drive from

P885/25 or P881/25 – Liss, Hampshire. The 885 is the quicker of the
two with a big ski slope start, and all based on the A3. This is one
of the closest real quick 25s, approx 40 minutes from Twickenham. P885/25 P881/25

H25/8 Bentley, Hampshire. – A decent course, but not the fastest.
Definitely lumpy in my book. I have ridden the club 10 a few times
this year, as has Steve Legg and it is not super fast. Liam and Tina
have both ridden the 25 this year. 30 minutes from Twickenham

U46B – Cirencester. Not ridden this one, but with the right
conditions, can be very fast.

J25/8 and A25/11 – Again, not ridden, but fast courses up north.

There may be others which I have missed out, but hopefully this helps.

If there is demand for a similar list on 10 mile TTs, just let me know.

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Gallery Courtsey of Chris Davies

Mike : October 11, 2012 4:57 pm : Time Trialling

There are some great pictures here including at least a few of our three TCC teams.


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