So again I was the only TCC member racing that day. The races that were included were:

10 Lap Scratch Race (B cat) – First one to cross the line within 10 lap is the winner

The pace was not so high however, with 2 laps to go people started to spirnt. I completely was positioned wrong so I had to work harder going the long way round which made me 6th I think however, someone overtook me from the left as I was on the top so I had to slow down a bit to avoid having a accident.

Keirin (All Seniors)– This is a sprint event so you are pacing a derney which is a half motorcycle half bike for 2 laps and once it pulls off it is a free for all sprint for 500m
So this comprised of a first round a semi finals and finals. On the first round you had to be placed 3rd or above to get to the semis and 4th or above to get to the finals.


First Round – 1st
On the first round I accelerated too hard as you are suppose to do to catch the derny. Because I done this I ended up being at the front behind the derney where i didn’t want to be placed. Once it pulled off I kept the pace until one guy from the back tried to attack however I just put more power in and won the first round.


Semi Finals – 1st
This time I decided to be in the middle but this time I ended up being at the back when pacing. A couple of people were a bit mess when pacing. When the derney pulls off everyone accelerates and I pick up the speed a bit to slipstream the guy in front however I got boxed in. Luckily I was at the back so all slowed down and caught them surprise and won that heat which got me into the finals.

Finals – 2nd
I ended being at the front again behind the derny which was unplanned. Once the derney pulled off I was waiting for someone to attack and when they did I couldn’t catch them up to win it which made me second.

Devil – Elimination race (2 people out every lap) not sure exactly on the possition
This is once race I am not good at so I wasn’t expecting a great position. I decided 4 laps in to attack early to see if I could do it and gotten all the way round to the back . I attacked and only lasted 1 and half laps, but it did feel longer.

Other races
Points Race – Every other Lap there is a sprint lap you win points for getting a certain position hence the name. I skipped the race to keep fresh from the keirin.
20k/ 44laps scratch race (all in) Well I am not going to talk about that. All that is probably needed to know is that I shouldn’t of done it.

Next race I am mad enough to do is tomorrow however its not serious or a BC race. This is the London Fixed Gear Single Speed Open day. So far I have gotten 3 members come however if have ridden on Herne Hill before you will be able to have a go. Club bike will be available however I will be using the 56 model but you will also beable to use hire bike to race today. Sign on starts at 11am. There will be many hipsters and many of them are using gearing for the road so more TCC guys the more likely we can beat the hipsters.

If anyone would like to come send me a quick email about it.


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