HHV have introduced an accreditation process to train and race on the HHV track. Both Training and Racing accreditation costs £15 and can be booked on the HHV website. The demand is high so get in early.

If you are racing in open events the accreditation does not apply but if you are going to race HHV track league you will need the RACE accreditation. If you are looking to just do the training at the track you only need TRAINING accreditation.

I am currently looking to get a TCC block accreditation for the TRAINING accreditation, so if you are interested then give me a email so I can get an idea of numbers and arrange a date.

If you have never done track riding it is best do your INDUCTION at the HHV. The induction is simple but offers valuable information on track etiquette and riding in a group with a fixed gear. For most of the TCC this will not be a problem. This happens on a Saturday 13:30 hrs to 14:00 hrs for everybody and Sundays between 17:00 hrs to 19:00 hrs for women only.

I would encourage all TCC members to undertake some form of track riding as it will make you a much better bike rider when you are out on the road. Check out the HHV website – there is plenty of other training sessions available.

Big Steve

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