Go-Ride “Get into Track Racing” video, featuring multi-world champion Sarah Storey.

Track Racing has grown in popularity following the success of the GB Team in the Olympics and World Championships.

Tracks: Track racing takes place on short specially built tracks consisting of two tight, banked corners joined by two short straights.  Tracks range hugely in length – outdoor tracks usually being longer and with shallower bankings – but Olympic and World Championship Track racing is generally held on indoor 250m wooden tracks.  Many outdoor tracks are concrete or tarmac surfaced.

Bikes: Track bikes are relatively simple, lacking the gears and brakes of their Road cousins. With bikes having a fixed wheel (forcing you to pedal continuously) the rider controls speed through pressure applied to the pedals. Bikes fall into two broad categories:
Upright bikes with conventional dropped handlebars, traditional spoked or carbon spoked wheels. These bikes are used for bunch races, Keirin and Match Sprint.

Low-profile bikes, with extended “triathlon” style bars, allowing the rider to adopt a more aerodynamic position. Wheels are often four-spoked carbon or carbon disc. Handling and manoeuvrability are sacrificed for aerodynamic efficiency. These bikes are used for Pursuit races and Kilo and 500m Time Trial.

How to get into Track Cycling:  If you’re keen to know more about the main track races click here, see the British Cycling race calendar to find out where your local races are or speak to your track rep. Stephen Aslin at the club sometime.

A track induction is a great way to get started.  For less than £10 you can hire a track bike, get some coaching in a group & be riding a track in under an hour!  Have a look at Herne Hill Velodrome’s induction & training pathway.  They’re a really friendly bunch & there’s always at least 1 other Twickenham member down there to greet you.

250m Track Layout:

250m Track Layout









Track: Hern Hill Open Season 2

Daren Austin : May 11, 2014 12:07 am : News, Track, Uncategorized


So again I was the only TCC member racing that day. The races that were included were:

10 Lap Scratch Race (B cat) – First one to cross the line within 10 lap is the winner

The pace was not so high however, with 2 laps to go people started to spirnt. I completely was positioned wrong so I had to work harder going the long way round which made me 6th I think however, someone overtook me from the left as I was on the top so I had to slow down a bit to avoid having a accident.

Keirin (All Seniors)– This is a sprint event so you are pacing a derney which is a half motorcycle half bike for 2 laps and once it pulls off it is a free for all sprint for 500m
So this comprised of a first round a semi finals and finals. On the first round you had to be placed 3rd or above to get to the semis and 4th or above to get to the finals.


First Round – 1st
On the first round I accelerated too hard as you are suppose to do to catch the derny. Because I done this I ended up being at the front behind the derney where i didn’t want to be placed. Once it pulled off I kept the pace until one guy from the back tried to attack however I just put more power in and won the first round.


Semi Finals – 1st
This time I decided to be in the middle but this time I ended up being at the back when pacing. A couple of people were a bit mess when pacing. When the derney pulls off everyone accelerates and I pick up the speed a bit to slipstream the guy in front however I got boxed in. Luckily I was at the back so all slowed down and caught them surprise and won that heat which got me into the finals.

Finals – 2nd
I ended being at the front again behind the derny which was unplanned. Once the derney pulled off I was waiting for someone to attack and when they did I couldn’t catch them up to win it which made me second.

Devil – Elimination race (2 people out every lap) not sure exactly on the possition
This is once race I am not good at so I wasn’t expecting a great position. I decided 4 laps in to attack early to see if I could do it and gotten all the way round to the back . I attacked and only lasted 1 and half laps, but it did feel longer.

Other races
Points Race – Every other Lap there is a sprint lap you win points for getting a certain position hence the name. I skipped the race to keep fresh from the keirin.
20k/ 44laps scratch race (all in) Well I am not going to talk about that. All that is probably needed to know is that I shouldn’t of done it.

Next race I am mad enough to do is tomorrow however its not serious or a BC race. This is the London Fixed Gear Single Speed Open day. So far I have gotten 3 members come however if have ridden on Herne Hill before you will be able to have a go. Club bike will be available however I will be using the 56 model but you will also beable to use hire bike to race today. Sign on starts at 11am. There will be many hipsters and many of them are using gearing for the road so more TCC guys the more likely we can beat the hipsters.

If anyone would like to come send me a quick email about it.


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Track: National Master Championships

Daren Austin : April 22, 2014 8:53 am : Track

Calling all TCC members,

If you are and man or woman 30 yrs or over you can race in the National Masters Championships at Newport. You will race in age groups of every 5 years so the racing is competitive.

Events include:

  1. Sprint – 27th June
  2. 1000m, 750m, 500m TT – 28th June
  3. Scratch Race – 28th June
  4. Individual Pursuit – 29th June
  5. Points Race – 29th June.

We already have two members going but it would be good to send more of a team. If you are interested send me an email and we can discuss options.

Steve Aslin

TCC Track Rep

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Track Leagues

Daren Austin : April 22, 2014 8:51 am : News, Track

The track season is just starting (the Good Friday Meeting is the tradition season opener). Regular track leagues are running in all the tracks around the London area and is a good way to develop your racing skills and fitness. The track leagues are:

Herne Hill Velodrome – HHV RACE ACCREDITATION required
Every Wednesday form 2nd April to 24th Sept 2014 – Youths £3 for a 1830: hrs start – Seniors £10 for a 19:00 hrs start.

Reading Track League, Palmer Park Stadium, Reading – NO ACCREDITATION REQUIRED!
Every Monday (except bank holidays) from 14 April to 29th Sept 2014 – Youths £4 and Seniors £10 for a 19:00 hrs start.

Welwyn Track League – Gosling Sports Park, Welwyn Garden City – NO ACCREDITATION REQUIRED
Every Friday from 25th April to 12th Sept 2014 – Youths £5, Juniors £7, Seniors £10 for a 19:00 hrs start.

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Club track bikes

Daren Austin : April 22, 2014 8:45 am : Track

The club Planet X bikes are now in storage at he HHV for members to use. We have a 52, 54, and 56 size bikes all with 86 inch gearing. Please email me if you are going to use any of the bikes. This will ensure a level of control when several members may want to use the same bike.

Because of this I have come up with a list of criteria. It is by no means set in stone, I would welcome any other ideas you may have:

  1. The track bikes will be given to members who do not have their own track bike. If you have your own track bike you can use the Club Bikes for size or convenience but please email me so the bike will not be double booked. National and Regional races take priority.
  2. Members who want to RACE on a regular basis – track leagues (see below), open events or HHV Track League (after RACE ACCREDITATION).
  3. Members who want to TRAIN on the Track on a regular basis (after HHV TRAINING ACCREDITATION).

If you are new to track riding and want to do the HHV induction can you initially use the HHV hire bikes. This is to stop the club bikes getting damaged. It is other riders that cause problems particularly when they are starting out and not familiar with group riding.

After use can you ensure:

  1. All pedals are off the bikes ready for use by other members
  2. Any damage is reported so we can get the bikes fixed ASAP
  3. Clean the frame if required.

If you require the bikes for competition or training away from HHV, members will be responsible for picking up the bikes and returning them to the HHV storage container. This should be done at the earliest opportunity.

Once again if you have any problems email me and i’ll try to help you out.

Steve Aslin

TCC Track Rep

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Track: Herne Hill Velodrome Training and Racing accreditation

Daren Austin : April 22, 2014 8:38 am : News, Track

HHV have introduced an accreditation process to train and race on the HHV track. Both Training and Racing accreditation costs £15 and can be booked on the HHV website. The demand is high so get in early.

If you are racing in open events the accreditation does not apply but if you are going to race HHV track league you will need the RACE accreditation. If you are looking to just do the training at the track you only need TRAINING accreditation.

I am currently looking to get a TCC block accreditation for the TRAINING accreditation, so if you are interested then give me a email so I can get an idea of numbers and arrange a date.

If you have never done track riding it is best do your INDUCTION at the HHV. The induction is simple but offers valuable information on track etiquette and riding in a group with a fixed gear. For most of the TCC this will not be a problem. This happens on a Saturday 13:30 hrs to 14:00 hrs for everybody and Sundays between 17:00 hrs to 19:00 hrs for women only.

I would encourage all TCC members to undertake some form of track riding as it will make you a much better bike rider when you are out on the road. Check out the HHV website – there is plenty of other training sessions available.

Big Steve

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Track: Club Track Training session at Lee Valley Velodrome

Daren Austin : April 22, 2014 8:35 am : News, Track

The demand for the new indoor track in London has been immense.
LVVP are trying to accommodate all clubs who have requested a slot.
The three hour slot for TCC will be on 16th NOVEMBER 2014 between 13:30 hrs and 16:30 hrs.

We have space for 32 riders and the cost will be around £15 – £20 per person. The LVVP have condor bikes for hire and use Look Keo pedals. If you want to bring your own bike feel free and use a gear 86 to 90 inches.

I am sure demand will be high and spaces will be given to those riders in the club who show a real commitment to track riding prior to and over the the 2014 season.

I am also looking to book other sessions. These will be at LVVP or Newport indoor velodrome. Keep a watch out for further information.

Members can book a taster session as part of the Olympic legacy. This is approx. £30 for 1Hr coaching but it is targeted at people who have never riding a track before.

Big Steve.

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Track Report: Good Friday Track Racing

Daren Austin : April 20, 2014 9:30 pm : News, Reports, Track

Herne Hill Velodrome (HHV) Open Day

A group of TCC members took the annual trip to HHV to take in the wonderful atmosphere and watch Jess Rhodes – Jones compete in the Women’s novice races. Slightly under geared JRJ did TTC proud and finished a well deserved 2nd in her first race. Well done Jess.

For the TCC spectators it was tough supping beers and rumbling through the jumble and buying bargains on the stalls that were available and watching JRJ suffer.

Lee Valley Velodrome (LVVP) Race Meeting

As JRJ finished her racing and drove up to the Lake District to spot Alex Tinsley and James Bradley undertaking secret training, all the spectators headed for East London and the Lee Valley Velodrome to watch Emma Towers compete in the Women’s series of races.

Emma competed well in the sprints and kierin but was waiting for the scratch race to show how competitive she was. A breakaway of 2 riders was caught with 2 laps to go and Emma leading the front finished an honourable and well deserved 7th – well done Emma.

Look Mum No Hands provided the rest of the TCC spectators with beer, pies, scotch eggs, cake and coffee.

Steve Aslin

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Coach_Chris : April 24, 2013 3:09 pm : News, Track
Hi All
A few of you have been on a track training and feel confident…….ish – Newport, Calshot or Herne Hill. However you have not raced…!
You may feel that racing amongst the 'Trackies' a bit intimidating – fear no more?
Herne Hill Velodrome are running a race event for Novices only – separate Mens and Womens event on Saturday 27th April at 2pm
No race licence required and bike hire available. 
At least four rides.
Give it a go – Entry is £10 and bike hire is available. Follow the link below for more information.
For the more experienced of you the open season racing event promoted by Rollapaluza CC at Herne Hill is on Saturday 4th May at 2pm.
Big Steve

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Competition Coaching sessions at Bournemouth’s 250m outdoor track

Coach_Chris : March 7, 2013 1:16 pm : News, Track

Competition Coaching sessions at Bournemouth’s 250m outdoor track

If you haven’t had a chance to ride this track I seriously recommend it.  Journey time is around 2 hours & the coach, Chester Hill of Southern Cycle Coaching is exceptionally well qualified & a brilliant track coach so you’ll get a lot from his sessions.








Starting on Thursday 4th April, there will be nineteen Thursday evening Competition Coaching sessions with Dr Chester Hill at BCC during 2013.

Dates at this time are: April 4th. 11th. 18th. 25th. May 2nd. 9th. 16th. 23rd. 30th. June 6th. July 25th. August 1st. 8th. 15th. 22nd. 29th. September 5th. 12th. 19th.

IN ADDITION to these sessions, Chester has also arranged three Pre Track League Coaching sessions on Tuesdays, being the 9th, 23rd and 30th April, all commencing at 18:30. So take advantage of these sessions as well, and have the advantage on those who didnt when the League starts on the 7th May!

These 2 hr sessions will specifically focus on developing Techniques & Tactics directly applicable to track racing at BCC. The aim will be to help develop riders already at competition level or competent track riders looking to start track racing. Therefore, the sessions will support the Tuesday Night Track League at BCC. This is in addition to local riders who race the National Hard Track Endurance League, and also want to compete at their respective National Track Championship (eg Youth/Junior/senior champs).

If you would like more details please call Chester on 07951 776350 or email:
The full list of events to be covered over the course of the summer includes:
Madison, Elimination, Points, Scratch, Match Sprinting, Team Pursuit, Team Sprint

The sessions will provide opportunities for local clubs and teams to practice their team sprint and team pursuit riding, so please get in touch if this would interest you!

Riders attending should be competent at riding in bunches on the track, and riding Bournemouth or similarly banked tracks. Competent track riders can also work toward their BCC fast track accreditation by prior arrangement.

If riders need to hire a BCC track bike (£3) either turn up well in advance of the session (18:00), or book in advance by phoning 07951 776350

Up to date information Southern Cycle Coaching’s website.

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Track Racing – A Guide to the Main Events

Coach_Chris : February 8, 2013 11:48 am : News, Track


Track events can be split into two main types Sprint events, which generally last for less than two minutes and Endurance events which can be up to 40km in length.


Kilometre Time Trial (men) & 500m Time Trial (women): A time trial against the watch, ridden individually from a standing start. No qualifying rounds meansthis a high-pressure, one-chance event.

Team Sprint: Three man teams ride three laps of the track (equating to 750m on Olympic standard 250m long Tracks). After the first lap, the first rider peels off and plays no further part in the race. After the second lap the second rider also pulls off, leaving the third rider to complete the event and record the team’s time. Technically demanding, the aim is for the first two riders to shield and slipstream the third rider for two laps (slipstreaming can save up to 30% of energy) leaving them relatively fresh for the last lap. Usually ridden two teams at a time (starting opposite sides of the track) with a qualifying round, with the four fastest winning teams going through to the finals for gold/silver and bronze. The Women’s version involves teams of two, riding two laps in total.

Keirin: The Keirin (Japanese for “fight”) is a race in which riders sprint for the line after completing a series of laps behind a single motorbike pacer (derny). The pacer gradually builds up speed, with riders jockeying for position behind (riders must not pass the “derny” until it pulls off). The derny pulls onto the track infield with 2 and a half laps to go and from then on it’s a straight race to the line. Tactical and often very physical, it’s a great spectator event. Usually ridden with heats, repechage and major (medals) and minor placings finals.

Match Sprint: Simple head-to-head sprinting between two riders over three laps of the track. At the highest level there is usually a qualifying 200m flying start time trial to organise the seeding. From then on there are a series of two-rider knockout rounds leading to quarter-finals, semis and the final. Earlier rounds often feature single heats with a repechage element offering a way back in for defeated riders. The quarters, semis and finals are usually ridden on a best of three heats basis, with no way back for defeated riders.


Individual Pursuit: The ultimate head-to-head endurance race. Riders begin from a standing start in pairs on opposite sides of the Track and literally “pursue” each other for 4000 meters (3000 meters for women). There is usually a qualifying round from which the fastest four riders progress: the two fastest contest the gold/silver medals and the third and fourth fastest the bronze medal. In the finals, the first rider to complete 4000m wins, unless one rider is caught by the other, at which point the race is over.

Team Pursuit: Team version of the individual pursuit. Men race in teams of four over 4000m and women in teams of three over 3000m. The major difference to the individual version is that the riders share the workload, with the lead rider staying at the front for only a lap or so before swinging up the track (right) and re-joining the three or four rider line at the back. A technical event, team-mates often ride only centimetres apart to maximise slipstreaming effects. In the men’s event, times are taken on the third rider of the team to cross the line: the slowest rider in a team often sacrifices himself in later stages of the event and pulls up the track to let his team-mates complete the race without him.

Points Race: A bunch race (20-30 riders) competing over 20, 30 or 40km. Riders aim to gain points, with the highest scoring rider winning the event. Points can be scored at “Intermediate” sprints, often every 10, 20 or 25 laps (typically 5, 3, 2 & 1 to the first four over the line). Large numbers of bonus points (typically 20) can also be scored by lapping the field. A very tactical event, with alliances being formed and broken and dramatic attacks being chased down by the field. Requires speed, stamina, the ability to sprint quickly to grab points and a cool head.

Madison: Effectively a Points Race for two-man teams (though the points scoring works slightly differently – see below). Only one rider per pairing is ever actually racing. The other rider circles the track high up the banking until he is caught by his team-mate at which point he swoops down and, after a hand sling (difficult to describe, but basically the rider who is “in” takes the hand of his team-mate and transfers his momentum to him through a mixed handshake and slinging motion) takes over the racing for the pair. Highly technical, a challenge to watch, but very exciting and almost balletic at times. Again, the winner is the team with the most points – however, unlike Points Races, laps gained over the field do not produce bonus points – instead laps gained actually have priority over points scored. So if only one team laps the field, they win irrespective of the number of points scored. And if several teams lap the field, they then are ranked according to points scored. This puts extra emphasis on taking laps, which subtly influences tactics used.

Scratch Race: A simple bunch race, usually held over 10, 15, 20 or 25 km with the first over the line the winner. Tactical moves include lapping the field. Riders with endurance but poor sprinting abilities will favour this tactic, whilst riders with a powerful sprint will favour saving their efforts to the very end.

Omnium: A discipline where riders compete over a series of races to find the best all-round/most consistent rider. Points are awarded so that the winner of each individual event scores one point, second scores two, third scores three, etc. The rider with the lowest aggregate score at the end of the competition is the winner. A relatively new event at World Championship level, it makes its debut at the Olympics in London 2012. The event is typically made up of the following: 200m Time Trial; Scratch Race; Individual Pursuit; Points Race; Kilo (or 500m Time Trial in the women’s event). The event is normally contested over a single day.

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