Hi all!
Things have been a bit quiet on the Chunghouse TT front, with me having shingles over Easter dealing a massive blow to the early season. I’ve spent the past 6 or so weeks gradually building up the training and trying to fill in the hole that 2 weeks off the bike left.

After a truly disastrous Personal Worst on Easter Monday, I’ve managed to crack out 2 PBs in the last 2 weeks taking me to 22mins36 for a 10mile. Ego boosted, I went into this morning’s National 50 Championships feeling er…. nervous?! Sick to the stomach??

It was a lumpy, convoluted twisty course that did not suit me at all. Chances of getting lost were high. Chances of being overtaken 100%. Hayley Simmonds, who has dominated every race this year, with a 10m PB of almost 2 minutes faster than me, was starting right behind. I hold her off until 6.4 miles which is way longer than I expected… At some point the other major contender for the title, again with a super fast 10m time, shoots past me. Don’t really remember much else… I overtake some people, have a bout of road rage when the cars build up behind another competitor who was clearly struggling up the hill, forget to eat or drink and battle cramp for the last 15 miles.

I sneak home in 2.06.47 to come 7th overall, just 8 seconds behind 6th place. Somehow I’ve managed to beat ex hill climb champ and Best British All-rounder Lynn Hamel into 8th. Hayley won in a time of 1.58.36 so it shows just how much more work I need to do. I’m under no illusions that I’m as fit as I should be and definitely have not done the training to justify my results but I’m hoping that with a decent block of training between now and the National 25 in August, I can close the time gap to her.

Until then, I shall be racing myself fit, so if anyone is looking to do some races then do join in! It’ll be great to see more TCCers around.


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