Saturday saw Stuart Stow and myself head up to Long Bennington (near Nottingham) for the Veteran’s National 10 Championship. While we successfully dodged almost all the rain it was a very exposed course in a flat area, this meant 20-30 mph head to crosswind on the way out and a howling tailwind at times on the return. I had some issues with a rebellious power meter miscalibration so went off quite a lot too hard (it was reading low) but at least it was into the wind so the effort not completely wasted though it did likely cause a weaker second half than the more ideal approach of building power into the ride. I recorded 20:20 with Stuart 22:17.

Beautiful weather on Sunday morning and the ski slope at Marlow for the High Wycombe event on the H25/2 came with the potential for some good times. The two mile gift hill is compensation for a rough and lumpy section of the A4 with a cross headwind out and some help for the return. Working hard into the wind worked well and I recorded 49:16 for the win and a new PB with Stuart in 13th with 54:17, Martin Winter 56:12 and Julie Chasin 1:02:32 for 5th in the Ladies and a PB. Stuart, Martin and myself also edged the team prize by 2 seconds after a recount.
This event has a good history and a quite unusual trophy:
IMG_1860 IMG_1861
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