Another fine day of mud, sweat and tears down in Fareham for the intrepid Team Twickenham Trio of Martin, Dunc and Sol, with Mike Miach also making an appearance.
A really great course, but completely saturated with the recent rain, so heavy going and energy sapping. Mud, mud and more mud. Terrific stuff. I have jet washed earth from courses all over the country in my garden now. Probably about 3 inches more earth in the flower beds as a result. We expect vigorous blooms in the summer.
Combined Juniors, Vets and Ladies race saw the Three Amigos set off together. I got away well again but Mad Dog Winter realed me in this week with a lap to go and held on at the finish, so perfect revenge for last week. Sol was in a small select group of girls and came third….and last…but very close together so she’s still going well before next saturday’s Nationals.
No results yet, but I reckon Martin and I were both top 20 overall so very happy with that. Quite a few ‘coffin dodgers’ in the 50+ category so not sure how well I fared in that, but a great work out and just what we needed in preparation for Derby next week.
Mike was going well in his Pretorius colours in the senior race when we set off home. He was talking before the race about how he’s finally feeling comfortable with cross racing after 5 seasons, and results prove it. Go Mike!
Too crackered to write any more so off for an early night I reckon.
Go Twickenham.
le Dunc
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