We welcome all women interested in all aspects of cycling be it road or track racing, time trialling, mountain biking, cyclo-cross,    cyclosportives or just joining in on the club rides to develop your group riding skills. We train with the boys but if we have   enough girls out on a club run, we often split and have a girls group as it is good practice for team time trialling. We also run girls rides on   the 3rd Sunday of every month for those that may initially feel intimidated at riding with the boys.

For those of you that would like to have a go at road racing, we will help you to choose races to try and we often organise a club outing to get everyone there and cheer you on in the races. Once you are more experienced, we will encourage you to race as part of the Twickenham Team in the Women’s National Team Race series where a number of road races and team time trial events are held around the country throughout the year.

So, if you are fed up with riding around Richmond Park on your own (and can ride at an average speed of at least 15mph), come and join us. Feel free to turn up at club night  for a cup of tea and a chat to find out more about what we do (20.45 Tuesdays after our training), alternately email Sol or Lisa West for more information.


From CX to XC – A Journey to the Dark Side

Coach_Chris : May 22, 2016 7:37 pm : CX, News, Vets, Women

After 3 years of racing Cyclocross, I decided that I had achieved all I could without resorting to training, and decided to (semi) retire myself at the end of last season

I know I couldn’t quite give up on off-roading so after Mark bought me a full suspension mountain bike in November, and I quite obviously really really really enjoyed it, I decided to give MTB racing a go.
None of this Enduro or Downhill nonsense for me, not in my 50th year on this Earth, so Cross Country seemed a perfect choice.
I was pointed towards Southern XC Series, a fairly local (Reading/Newbury way) series of events.
Up I turned at Wasing Park near Reading 2 weeks ago, expecting to stand out like a sore thumb in Lycra. I was wrong, there were hardly any loose shorts in sight! Everyone looked like a road rider.
All the women in all the bewildering range of Categories (about 7 of them!) lined up, with the 2 of us Grand Vets squeezing ourselves in behind everyone else.
All of a sudden a voice says: “Are you causing trouble already, Sol??”
It’s Ian, one of the CX Commisaires, who I know pretty well
Everyone turns and looks at me. Great! Not!
Off we set, along a flat grass bit, and just like in CX racing, there’s a sprint to get to the first corner, to go clear. I mess up my start as usual. It’s taken me 3 seasons to perfect that, and it works again today. My direct rival is well ahead. I try not to panic (as usual) and sit in. Then I get bored, and overtake a few girls. OUCH! The Antelope 3-up legs from the previous day kick in. Ouch, ouch. But I manage to create a gap and get closer to the other Grand Vet, eventually catching and passing her. I like this game of picking off people.
Star of the second lap, and suddenly I hear Go Sol! It’s Mac! Gives me a boost for sure! 100 metres later, and another cheer, from Richard Collins. Can’t even hide in a MTB race in the wilds of Reading!
Then we hit the technical bits. I don’t even look at the A lines, too scary, it’s B line for me every time. Even then I decide to get off a couple of times. A girl is down on the biggest drop. Looks serious. Which does nothing to my confidence. I take the newly created C lone on that bit.
It’s a hot day and I haven’t got a bottle. My hungover soigneur has my  Lucozade somewhere in the woods, but by the time I get to him, he’s asleep! Shout, stop, sip, and onward again!
By 3rd and final lap, I have the course sussed, and I know I am well ahead of Main Rival. Time to relax a bit, and, and stop for drink. Or what’s left of the Lucozade, used for hangover cure.
I catch up a younger Vet, and sit behind her in a mildly threatening manner for the last quarter lap, plotting to pass on the run up to finish, just for the sake of it. But she gets second wind and I can’t get past her on the 3 switchbacks before finish line. Oh well, no matter.
I come across the line to Mac’s cheering. Even the soigneur has woken up and is there to welcome me.
Mac is over the moon with my (Grand Vet Cat) win and warns me that I am a marked woman now, with a target on my back. Oh dear
So I arrive today at my second ever MTB race, sign on and notice there are a whopping 4 Grand Vets entered. I chat to Main Rival from last race. She reckons the other 2 are either really rubbish, or really good. Hmm, let’s find out.
Off we go, slightly uphill, along a long drag. Yup, you guessed it, my trademark messed up start!
I eventually get my act together, and manage to pass people just before singletrack in the woods, where it becomes a lot trickier to pass. Main Rival from last week is behind me but I can see the New Main Rival quite a bit ahead. I can catch her, I think.
The course is completely different from last week, not as technical, and a bit wet from rain in the night. That means a lot of slippery tree roots and general slidyness. I come off  almost as soon as I hit the track. Oops. There are 2 more slight offs.
I go past the 2 younger vets I ride with, on a long gravelly uphill,and go clear. Not that great on long straight drags, those MTBers, I think to myself. Then I pass The New Main Rival.
I am now on my own in the woods, there’s no one in sight at all.  Have I got myself onto a wrong course, I wonder. But I can now relax a tiny bit, so decide to take a drink from a bottle in my back pocket. But putting said bottle back one-handed is tricky and I drop it. Grr, stop, turn back, collect bottle, get back on track. How amateurish of me.
This course has only 2 technical bits, one down and one up. Down the B line is easy, but I mistakenly try to go up the A line, in a completely wrong gear, and have to give up, turn around, and start again, on the B line, still in wrong gear. Something to bear in mind for next lap, I think to myslef.
I come to the finish of penultimate lap, and decide to get rid of the bottle, throwing it at my soigneur (who is awake, not hungover, and compus mentis!) in a true Pro style.
I pass 2 more girls, in the Open Cat I think, feeling rather pleased with myself. By last lap I have the course sussed (now, where have you heard that before?) and manage to navigate all of it, inc the uphill B line perfectly.
I high five the soigneur on the finish straight, and cruise over the line, happy
“Here comes Sol Findley of Twickenham CC” says the MC, “Second place in Grand Vet Women’s”, he says
I go to have a look at the finish computer, and yes, New Main Rival is ahead of me!
But, but, but, I say, passed her on 1st lap, she was miles behind me! That’s not right!
They look at lap times, all present and correct
Then they say, there are 2 Cheltenham ladies in the event, you know. AH!
Still, 2 races, 2 podiums, can’t complain. Plus, I beat all the other girls in younger Vet Cats, so that ok
You live and learn
Happy Riding
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Race Report: Dave Peck Memorial Ladies Race

Daren Austin : April 1, 2014 3:10 pm : News, Road Racing, Women


Thought I’d have a go at a race report for our Dave Peck race yesterday….might not be as poetic as Chrissie’s but here goes…

Laura, Emma, Chrissie, Clarry, me & our guest rider Lowri arrive at the sign-on to find Mac has lined the turbos up in prime view of everyone…we’re all praying for no human dominoes this week….Sign-on, count the riders, 80 starting….count the cat 4 riders, five starting (minus one for Chrissie who achieved her Cat 3 the day before – congratulations!!!)

The TCC cavalry arrive & I’m starting to feel nervous about the race….the fabulous TCCers are brilliant at reassuring & encourage us, Mac tells us “you’re the best looking team here!”, Kay & Clare promise cheering & a “special dance” for any Twick Chicks who get dropped! We start warming up, Emma leading us & Roland & Bill making us feel like pros with the professional photos.


20 mins to go, we make our way to the start, moving to the front of the bunch as the home team. The briefing starts and over the next 15 mins a good half of the field slip around & in front of us…

We set off on the neutralised lap, tightly bunched, 80 riders jostling, speeding up & braking suddenly, staying alert, over the 1st roundabout, over the 2nd roundabout and we’re off! 13 laps of the first circuit which is part of the Saturday club ride, with a detour for a longish draggy hill. All of us are hovering around the middle of the peloton for the first 2 laps, then in the 3rd I, Chrissie & Clarry start to slip back….


By halfway round the 3rd lap, on the long drag hill I start to slip off the back. Clarry & Chrissie stay with the peloton a bit longer than me, then slip back as well but manage to stick with each other. Emma, Laura & Lowri ride strongly & stay with the peloton. I spend the next hour and a bit mostly riding by myself…for about 20km I can see Chrissie / Clarry about 200m ahead of me with another girl, I’m keeping pace with them, but can’t catch up!….trying to push myself as fast as I can, I catch up with other dropped riders who become too slow to stick with. Other riders who dropped behind me & have recovered catch up with me, but are too fast for me to stick with!


(All photos from Duncan Schwier Click link for more!)
The cheering from TCC marshals & supporters the whole way round was absolutely fantastic – supporters had positioned themselves perfectly at the bits where my brain was definitely starting to think, sod this! Everytime I heard someone cheering I gave myself a kick up the backside and tried to push a bit harder.

13 laps of the 1st circuit, and about 1.5 hours in, we move onto the 2nd circuit, sightly shorter than the 1st but with a steeper hill. 1 lap in, we’re stopped at the top of Staple Hill. The chief marshal lectures us about not cycling on the wrong side of the road to overtake…but as we’re being stopped, one girl wobbles & catches the wheel of another, and the 2 of them come down. Crash no. 1.

Everyone back together again, waiting for 5-10mins while the 2 crashed girls pick themselves up, then we’re off on another neutralised section. I stick with the peloton for half a lap or so, but my legs are too dead to keep up on the hills. Another lap or 2, and the 2nd crash happens…this time it’s a big one, about 20 riders down…I see one WyndyMilla girl lying face down, not moving, on the road, next to a pool of blood. Other riders are lying and sitting down, some not moving, a few picking themselves up & jumping back on their bikes to race to catch up with the peloton. Another lap down and the WyndyMilla girl is now on her back, surrounded by paramedics. Another lap, & the ambulance has arrived.

Finally the finish, with an extra sneaky lap of the 2nd circuit. Lowri does fantastically well to finish in 6th place, Laura & Emma do brilliantly to finish in the bunch with 22nd & 31st place. Clarry & Crissie finish close together with 51st and 54th I’m happy with 57th out of 80 starting riders, glad to finish in 1 piece & with fantastic training for the next time I fancy doing a 70km individual TT…!


A tough race, my first open road race & the longest one I’ve ever done. Pretty terrifying at times, but I have never felt like part of such a fantastically supportive team as I did – before, during & after the race, the number of TCCers looking after us, cheering for us, reassuring us made me incredibly proud to be a Twick Chick & part of the TCC team.

P.S. Still waiting to see what this “special dance” looks like Kay!


























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Preston Park Women’s Race 23 February – Chrissie’s Report

Sol : February 24, 2014 9:45 pm : News, Reports, Road Racing, Women

Blank the pain
You feel sick.

Ignore the wind
Your legs won’t work.

Forget the other riders
Nothing is functioning.

Focus on Les Filles

They jump. You jump

They attack. You react.

They will be brutal and punishing.

They will string you out until you’re broken.
And attack again,
And again.
And again.

……well this is what I learnt from my latest race with Emma Jess Helen Clarry and Anna on Saturday where the field comprised a strong bunch of Cat 2s from Les Filles.

We were racing in Brighton on a 600m track. For 50 minutes. Yep about 60 laps. Of the same course?!
Before the race, I actually thought I might get bored!

But, oh oh oh, how wrong I was.

Les Filles were brutal. Emma & I kept responding to the jumps, taking turns to react. Barely seconds seemed to pass from one attack to the next with no chance to recover. Staying at the front felt a necessity to avoid being blocked and to react quickly when the attacks came.
We were both keen to break, but each time one of us was ready to fire the other was too cooked from reacting to an attack or taking too longa turn on the front.

About 25 minutes in, I was gone, and another attack came and I didn’t have the legs to go. Five of Les Filles went, and from somewhere, Emma fired her legs once more and she responded and stayed with them along with a Kingston rider. I was dropping back, feeling awful, utterly convinced I should call it a day. But Jess and Clarry did a great job in picking me up, bringing me back to the remaining bunch; undoubtedly continuing strong turns they, Helen and Anna must have been pulling in response to the jumps.

Recovering, the legs found some juice and went to try to catch the break and a girl came with me.
Massive relief- with two of us we may catch the six in front. I was cooking, in a very bad way.
Flicked my elbow. Nothing. No response.
Another flick. Nothing again.
I had a wobble and lost my line. The wheel stuck with me.
Dam it. I was dragging the remaining Les Filles to her team, and she shot from my wheel to her team mates. I was too broken to go.

The Twick Chicks continued strong for the rest of the race, dominating the remaining pack and Emma out strong with the lead pack.

Sprints at the end left us with three top 10 places for Emma, Anna and myself; with fewer Cat 2’s racing, Twick Chicks dominance would have been more pronounced in the points.

Shattering. Exhausting. Punishing
And bl00dy brilliant!!


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Twick Chicks at Longcross

Mike : February 17, 2014 1:17 pm : News, Reports, Women
Saturday was a venture into the wonderful world of road racing for us Twick Chicks, many of us dipping our toes into it for 2nd or 3rd time …..and oh….It is sooooo much fun! Myself, Clarry, Anna, Helen & Jess were in the women’s cat 3 / 4 race at Longcross (all of us relative newbie cat 4s), while Emma, a Cat 2, was racing with the lads, and finished strong with the bunch (I’ll leave coverage to those in that race).

As for the Cat 3 / 4 girls, it was a race of two teams – Boom Cycles & the rest of us.
The 5 girls from Boom Cycling were organised from the off, all lined up ready to break from the start, and well blimey, they certainly tried. Barely milliseconds seemed to pass between being set off & their legs firing. For me, my heart sank as I momentarily thought  ‘oh cr@p’, ‘oh cr@p’!

Realising it’d be bl00dy hard for us girls to get points, and gutting to see our chances of any top 5 finishes disappearing off already  …then the brain kicked, the legs started firing, & a few of us caught them & reigned them in. This was a familiar tacit for the first 5 or so laps. They got themselves organised & attacked hard. A few times they nearly had it, but we kept reacting and didn’t let them go.

Then they peeled back. For me this was not good news. I was aware they were resting, ready to attack or react to a break, and the surges at the front kept coming- but we kept responding, keeping a couple of us TCC girls in the break each time & then pulling them back.
About 8 went at one point- 3 of us from TCC, and with a bit more could’ve held it, but shouts of ‘GIRLS we’ve got a break KEEP GOING’ came in vain. & just as we were all collapsing from that burst, the Boom Cycling girls went. Hard! Anna & Helen chased strong along with some non-TCC riders – which was enough for me to hold on & for the Boom girls to be caught. Had I been in any doubt before then, the affirmed how strong they are, individually and working as a team.

As the race panned out, Helen and Anna continued to do big pulls at the front, Anna showing humbling strength again & again in the brutal wind on the finishing straight. Jess punctured, which was gutting, as she was a strong contender, in a fairly feisty race

With a few laps to go Clarry put in an astonishing break, I raced to catch her, knowing a sole rider would have no chance in the wind & that maybe (?!) the two of us could work as strongly as the 6 I’d thought you’d need for a break in that wind. Maybe – maybe  – we could’ve done it, but before long we were caught…but Clarry wasn’t ready to rest & held the front for another couple of laps, even into the wind in the finishing straight. By far one of the hardest stints anyone did all race.

The last few laps were jumpy, but we held all the breaks, before going round the corner into the brutal head wind for the final straight, waiting for the jumps to come.

The girls fired, & there was a nasty crossing of wheels in front of me just as we were pushing all our power through our legs. It may have only lasted split seconds, but it felt like time stopped. I felt sick, the poor girl went down badly, limbs looking like they went in directions they shouldn’t, somehow I managed to avoid her body, just nipping round her. It wasn’t good & I thought about stopping, but realised I’d be close to no help. Then I realised the girls had gone, and I could either try to hang on to the bunch as they peeled through or try to get something working in my legs. The something came, but a bit too late.

Anna was storming in front with a couple of the Boom girls, pushing through the head wind, and finished second, pipped to the post by one of the Boom team, who came in 1st 3rd & 6th. I came in fourth, and absolutely spent!

It was the first time I feel like I’ve ‘raced’….and, oh my word, it’s so much fun!!! Bring it on!!!! :)

(Fortunately (relatively), as far as I know, the girl who went down was left just with cuts and bruises (how??!), and nothing more serious)


From Race 1


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London Bike Show Crit – Elite Women’s Race

Sol : February 16, 2014 8:06 pm : News, Results, Women

My turn to try out East London’s slip ‘n’ slide today and I managed to stay rubber side down for 5th, not too bad in a field containing professional riders.

After racing yesterday I wasn’t sure what my legs would be up to today, but on the sighting laps I decided that wasn’t the biggest priority as I nearly slipped out in a corner. Tyre pressures lowered the actual warm up went a little better and I started to get the hang of a course which is best summarised as “Sprint-360 bend-sprint-360 bend-repeat” with a surface that I’m sure had less friction than Teflon. Shouldn’t grumble though as it kept you interested and focused…

We started, I had a “clipping in moment” and found myself back in about 12th. First crash didn’t happen until the 2nd bend, the next a couple of laps later although I must admit it seemed a little harsh to play “the girls fall like dominoes” at the same time. In the meantime I started to move through the girls, cornering and sprinting past quite a few. Every now and then I would hit the slippery patch on the top bend and nearly come crashing down – all those cyclocross sessions over the winter paid off though.

In the final few laps I got involved in a tussle for 4th – but the girl in front of me slipped (not her fault) and I settled for 5th rather than bring us both down. Fun but hard race, well organised by Imperial Cyclers!



Twickenham Cycling Club –

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Race reports: Imperial Winter Series race 5 Women’s E1234

LisaWest : January 1, 2014 11:44 pm : News, Women
Happy New Year Everyone!
2 race reports from two brave new TCC members in our new Twick Chicks racing team. I believe Anna scored her first top 10 BC points too so not bad for a first attempt! Oh and not forgetting the boys who also braved the quite awful elements with James Bradley making a fantastic sprint to gain 2nd place on 3rd cat placings so that’s the first 2014 BC points on the board. Well done all.
Anna’s race report:
So Mac posted this helpful top tip on Facebook yesterday: Too wet, cold or windy. Not sure whether to ride. Top tip. Get ready. Get out. Then when you get back, decide if it was too wet, cold or windy.” Thanks Mac. In hindsight we all survived the race so it wasn’t too wet, cold or windy – but I suspect it was close.
It was a great intro to racing actually. A friendly man on the start line told us that we were already winners just for being there. I was on the line with my new Twick Chicks team mates Emma, Chrissie and Jess (and relieved to find out the this was also Chrissie and Jess’ first race ever). Chris gave us all some encouragement and then the man said “off you go” and off we went – at quite a pace straight into the wind. The group strung out quickly and started to break up and I still hadn’t managed to clip my foot in. When I finally did feel the click I knew that I should make every effort to catch the front bunch and pedalled hard until I caught up. That was my best move for the day because it meant I just had to try to keep up for forty minutes. At one point when Emma heard me gasping for air she told me it would get easier in 3 minutes – which it did seem to. After the race she told me she had said 20 minutes so I’m grateful that the wind whipped those words away or this story may have had a different ending. It was my first race, but to me it seemed very fast and furious with wheels going everywhere and the wind, rain and road spray just added to the chaos. For the most part the race was divided into two bunches but I believe Chrissie and Jess both did a fair bit of riding on their own which would have been hard work, so well done girls. Emma was looking strong, experienced and calm in the lead group but then punctured going into the final lap – unfair after making the effort to get out there, and with a migraine, but she was philosophical about it. Our bunch had a lot of attacks in the last five laps and I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to keep up the pace but suddenly we were flying around the last bend and onto the home straight. The bunch spread out across the road for an awesome sprint finish and then it was over. First race done and I even managed to get a point! Thanks to Chris, Lisa and Jason who came down to stand in the rain and support us and to Emma for lending Jess and I jerseys and giving us some much appreciated encouragement.
Go Twick Chicks!
Jess’s race report: Imperial Winter Series race 5 Women’s E1234
The first race of 2014 saw Emma Towers, Anna Gibbney, Crissy Stephenson & Jess Rhodes-Jones battle the rain, gales & lakes on the track in the Women’s E1234 race. It was the first time that Anna, Crissy & myself had done an Open Race & our first time at Hillingdon circuit.  It was a great experience, if a little scary at times on the bends with lakes on them! The track was great & there was good encouragement from Chris standing at the finish line cheering us on. Looking forward to the next one!
IMG_3739 IMG_3752
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Photos from TCC Dave Peck Memorial Ladies Race

Duncan : April 18, 2013 3:09 pm : News, Reports, Road Racing, Women

Selection of photos from the Dave Peck Memorial Race on Sunday 14th April 2013. Full set here:

8648067449_010810542e_b 8648073225_5eaa241312_b 8649159048_d4e1943a07_h 8649162818_c621be562f_b 8649166818_cabec772f0_b 8649172618_d6ebbac04b_b 8649202216_8bc8742cff_b 8649203268_0d272ced23_b

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British Cycling Guide to technique, training, equipment, nutrition and more…

Coach_Chris : February 15, 2013 12:40 pm : Member Blog, Miscellany, News, Paris, Sportive, Surrey Rumble, Vets, Women

British Cycling Guide to technique, training, equipment, nutrition and more…

Welcome to British Cycling’s new ‘Insight Zone’

However you ride your bike and whatever your ability, you will find comprehensive advice to help improve your riding.  Whether you need tips on how to warm up like Wiggo, a little understanding on good training food or the ins and outs of riding in a group, British Cycling can help.

The zone has the very latest advice from coaches and technical staff at British Cycling.  Members have full access to the Insight Zone, including their nine month sportive training plans and comprehensive technique videos.

For more detailed advice, tailored training plans or to find out about club coaching sessions please contact your British Cycling Level 3 Road & Time Trial Coach, Chris Sellings:


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Ladies only ride to Windsor – Sunday 17th Feb

Coach_Chris : February 11, 2013 11:43 am : News, Women

Ladies only ride to Windsor – Sunday 17th Feb

Specific details for this Ride including start/finish, route profile and estimated average speed can be found below. Please read the general info first!

General info on the LWCR Meet and Greet rides 2013!

The LWCR League are holding a series of Meet & Greet rides on the weekends in the run up to the start of the 2013 season. These are social group rides that will be hosted by clubs and teams in different parts of London and the South East, where you can find out more about women’s cycling, clubs and racing from experienced cyclists, and ride with like-minded ladies.

So, whether you are new to group riding and racing, a seasoned rider who would like to get to know some of your fellow racers better, or just fancy a coffee and chat with some bike riding in between, come and join us on a pre-season ride. Meet and Greet rides are open to sporty women of all profiles with a reasonable level of cycling fitness – from keen cyclists to rowers and triathletes, with or without a club.

Please arrive in plenty of time with a well-functioning road bike, enough clothing (may get cold during tea stop), puncture repair kit, enough food and fluids for the ride, and money for cake and coffee!

Details on the LWCR facebook page

Windsor ride with Les Filles RT
Meet: 9am at Richmond Gate, Richmond Park
Ride details: 45 miles, 16-17mph average, mainly flat
Cafe stop: It’s a surprise!
Estimated return time 12.30-12.45pm

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Ladies only Coaching Session – 16th February

Coach_Chris : February 8, 2013 7:44 pm : News, Women

Ladies only Coaching Session – 16th February

Coaches Holly & Chris will be running a coaching session in Kempton Park from 1-4pm on 16th February.

This session would suit all riders that want to feel more confident riding in a group, whether you’re riding with the club, on fast chain-gang Wednesday evening rides or racing – this session is for you!

We’ll look at bunch riding skills, riding close to others & coming in contact with other riders, cornering on your own & in groups etc.

So far the following girls have signed up:

Clarice Chung, Francoise Dehinbo, Emma Towers, Issy (Pearsons), Claire Miller, Aimee Billington, Joanne Kellard, Anna (Ful-On Tri), Julia Smith, Nikki (Les Filles RT)

The session will be safe & lots of fun – just let me know if you’d like to come & I’ll put your name down.



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