Hello everyone I’ll try and make this short, firstly thanks to Stuart, and Rob, for accompanying us on the inaugural youth ride to Brighton.


Well we had the weather and a tailwind, which makes a change and other than me not knowing exactly the route from Twickenham we did make it there all safe and sound.

The riders. Angus, what a rider cycles so smooth and up those hills like they aren’t there super talented, Atiba another super talented rider you can tell he’s a sprinter by his riding style, Steve you’ve got to tell him to tuck those knees in he reminds me of you on the bike! As for his climbing up hills i don’t know why he beats himself up over it I think he’s a fantastic climber.

Then Paul, big shout out goes to Paul for cycling on his 40×16 single speed up the ditch as well amazing stuff can’t wait to see what he can do on a 10 speed, super talented.

Joseph, loads of potential here lovely smooth style much like Angus, lots of stamina and another great climber super talented one to look out for in the future. Greg, met him for the first time on Tuesday really pleased he was able to come along another fantastic rider another one with loads of potential. Simon, super bloke super rider every year I’ve seen massive improvement with his riding super talented lots to come from him yet, and he does so much to promote TCC and our youth section what an asset for the club.

Dave he made it all the way to the base of the ditch, but due to an ongoing injury had to turn back so was lost in action and I’m still wondering how he got home? But even with him carrying a injury you’ve got to applaud him for the great effort he made to get as far as he did. Last seen in Sussex, Dave where are ya!!

That’s it i think have i missed anyone out……oh ya Big C, Charlie, who by the way is thirteen today only one more year and i can send him out to work, without being bias he is frighteningly fearless going downhill, really good on the flat and a fantastic group riding brilliant in a chain gang just needs to work on his stamina and once he’s grown a few more inches he’ll hopefully be flying up them hills.

So that’s about it sorry for those of you who couldn’t make it this time but we will be doing it all again on the club mayday ride down to Brighton so for those that didn’t make it this time we hope to see you then.

Well done everyone happy days happy riding. Sean

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